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Ringing In The Sane






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51 / 100

I’ve given The Hot Lies
every chance to redeem themselves in the lead up to reviewing “Ringing
In The Sane”. I listened to the album numerous times, I watched video
clips, I did my research and after all of that, my verdict is still
the same… they’re a good bunch of guys with some cools riffs and a
big budget but (and that’s a big but) the songs just aren’t cutting

As far as pop rock songs go, lead
single “Emergency! Emergency!” has crossed all it’s T’s and dotted
all the I’s, but it still sounds like 50 other bands you could name.
Lead guitarist Luke can clearly play but even his creative fret work
can’t take the song to the next level. “Burn For Me” opts for a
melody driven approach but Pete Wood’s vocals simply aren’t strong enough
to carry the tune. 

The intro riff to “Can’t Stand
The Heat” sounds pretty sleazy and is one of the few highlights I
was able to find on the record but unfortunately The Hot Lies
are once again let down by their almost simplistic approach to song

There’s no denying that the guitars
on “Tokyo” are catchy… hell, I’ll admit that I enjoyed it, 
but the vocals are just downright annoying and the performance footage
in the video clip is so melodramatic that it’s painful to watch. It
comes as no surprise that “Tokyo” is in fact one of the tracks that
was co-written by Eskimo Joe because the melodies sound pretty
similar to something the Perth lads would churn out. 

The only word I could think of
to describe “Sharks Swim Everywhere” is boring and “Poison Arrow”
is more by the numbers pop rock, although the phrasing in the
chorus is one of the more memorable hooks on the album.  

“Ringing In The Sane” really
struggles through the mid section and it wasn’t until “Diamond Eyes”
kicked in that I really started paying attention again. “In A Shadow”
is a straight up pop song and for some reason I found Pete’s vocals
less irritating on this tune. The record closes out with “Under Your
Skin”, which is another Eskimo Joe assisted track. Although
it’s far from being a bad song I think it’s telling that one of the
strongest songs on the album was written by someone else. 


I honestly enjoyed “Ringing
In The Sane” more than I thought I would but overall the album is
mediocre at best. Better luck next time guys.


  1. Emergency! Emergency!
  2. Burn For Me
  3. Can’t Stand The Heat
  4. Tokyo
  5. Sharks Swim Everywhere
  6. Poison Arrow
  7. For The Restless
  8. Running Low
  9. Diamond Eyes

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  1. opt

    good to see it got reposted. But i agree, i followed the lies earlier but the album just doesnt cut it. The whole album sounds eskimo joe like, and now there just another very common band.

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