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For Fans Of

Municipal Waste – Integrity - Mindsnare


Any band with songs about Willis and DeNero is alright in my book...


89 / 100

This review will be short and
sweet, much like the tunes that Adelaide’s Craterface are churning out.
Featuring ex members of Jungle Fever, Through Closed Eyes, Later That
Night, Girls Are For Fags and Stronghold, this 5 piece are playing fast
and furious thrash and hardcore. When you add tongue in check lyrics
and an energetic stage presence into the mix you know that Craterface
are onto a winner. 

Apart from the fact that the band’s
tunes fucking shred it’s great to see a group of dudes who’s number
one priority is to have a good time. Here’s a sample lyric from “Miles

Miles Davis! What a fucking
sick cunt!

Miles Davis! Mother fucker

A lot of bands claim a lot of
different musical influences but Craterface really have stuck to their
guns. When you take the riffs of Mindsnare and the lead work of Integrity and then fuse them with the thrash (and the humour) of Municipal
Waste you are left with Craterface. Simple as that!


It sucks that their demo artwork
isn’t available anywhere on line because the acne covered gentleman
who graces the front cover looks great! For the full scale Craterface
experience go and see the band live. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Miles Davis
  2. John McClane
  3. Travis Bickle
  4. Mark Renton
  5. Chandra Kant Jha
  6. Eva Braun
  7. Eugene McGee

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