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Where The Wolves Fear To Tread


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49 / 100

Over the last few years Perth has been a breeding ground for amazing
musical talent. Miles Away, Elora Danan and Gyroscope are all bands who have
broken free from the constraints of the world’s most isolated capital city and
taken their show on the road. Unfortunately for Anime Fire they have neither
the chops nor the songs to compete with their local comrades, because this EP
falls short on all fronts.  

Firstly (and I need to get this out of the way), the
production is absolutely terrible. I’m not sure if this is what Anime Fire were
trying to achieve (or maybe the engineer knocked off a bottle of Jack before
tracking the thing) but the six songs on offer sound awful. The cymbals are way
too loud, the guitars sound like they’re dropping in and out and the vocals are
nowhere near high enough in the mix. I’m all for experimentation, but releasing
a poorly recorded EP doesn’t qualify as progressive in my book. 

As for the songs themselves some parts show some promise but
overall everything’s a bit of a mess. There’s some cool guitar work on display
but the sound quality makes it difficult to pick particular riffs apart (or
enjoy the EP at all actually). 

Anime Fire’s claim to fame is their use of electronics
within their metal meets hardcore sound, but the synth element of the band
isn’t as integrated as someone like Enter Shikari, so it just sounds like
samples are being used when the guys ran out of parts for a song. As for the
vocals, the singer sounds like a cross between that clown from Atreyu and the
guy from Korn… seriously.


When it comes to reviewing Australian
bands I usually do my best to find something positive about the release
and focus on that, but I really struggled with Anime Fire. One thing
I did enjoy was the packaging, but if the artwork is the most impressive
thing about  an EP then I think the band may be in a bit of trouble.  

Fingers crossed that Anime Fire’s
songs sound better in the live surrounding.


  1. Venom
  2. A Dangerous State Of
  3. Machine Of War
  4. Remedy
  5. Where The Wolves Fear
    To Tread
  6. Altered Beast

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  1. -nick-

    this review is spot on, the production makes no sense, makes its almost impossible to listen to which is a pity, way different live.

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