Black Lodge Sounds – Demo 2007


Demo 2007





For Fans Of

The Bronx – Converge – Mad Sin


Experimental is definitely the word for this...


87 / 100

In a day and age where every band
is desperately scrambling to sound like everyone else, it’s refreshing
to hear a group who obviously don’t give two shits about what’s cool
at the moment. Enter Melbourne’s “Black Lodge Sounds” who have managed
to fuse the guitar  acrobatics of Converge with rapid fire double
bass runs and the rock n roll swagger of Every Time I Die. 

On paper that might sound a little
strange, but what you’ll get within a BLS song is a three minute blast
of fretboard wankery that will have every wannabe MySpace shredder green
with envy, double bass playing that’ll make Tiger Army fans take notice
and a drummer who is somehow able to keep the whole thing together. 

While all the members of BLS are
clearly talented musicians they are smart enough to know that a song
still needs a hook. So while you may be blown away by the musicianship
that’s on display on this 3 track demo I find it more impressive that
the songs are so memorable and dare I say it… catchy?!


This is easily one of the most
impressive demo CD’s I’ve heard in 2007, so do yourself a favour and
go watch the band pull these tunes off live!


  1. Standing In Lines
  2. 3:AM
  3. We Are The Fight

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