The Getaway Plan – Streetlight (Single)


Streetlight (Single)


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“Streetlight” is the lead
single off The Getaway Plan’s debut album (Other Voices, Other Rooms),
which is scheduled for release in February of next year, and to say
a lot is riding on it would be an understatement. Having spent the better
part of the last 3 years wowing Australian audiences with their pop
infused take on modern day screamo, the time has come for The Getaway
Plan to prove themselves.  

The band headed to the US to record
with James Paul Wisner (who has previously worked with Underoath and
New Found Glory) and although the single has a very slick radio sound
I was expecting a bit more from a producer of his ilk. Everything sounds
as it should for a pop/rock song but the production just doesn’t have
the same kick as some of James’ previous work. 

As for the song itself, it’s a
huge step forward for The Getaway Plan. Vocalist Matthew only screams
on one or two occasions during the track which was music to my ears
as his clean singing voice is far stronger than his dirty vocals. While
previous TGP songs have utilized thrashier drum beats and more technical
guitar work, the band have now morphed into a straight forward sounding
rock group who have a much better understanding of melody than many
of their peers. 

The almost falsetto vocals that
introduce each chorus are guaranteed to dominate the airwaves and although
the guitar work is relatively simple it’s incredibly effective… as
are the hints of piano which are audible throughout the first verse
and the song’s chorus sections. Two b-sides accompany the single and
while they are only demos they bode well for the quality of “Other
Voices, Other Rooms”. 


On the back of this recording
I think it’s safe to say that 2008 will be the year for The Getaway


  1. Streetlight
  2. The Hardest Part (Demo)
  3. The Tempest (Demo)

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