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Chase This Light


Interscope Records




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It's been well worth the wait...


94 / 100
A band that releases consistently great
records like Jimmy Eat World doesn’t come along all that often. Their
introspective lyrics and pop hooks have won them a fiercely loyal fan
base, one whose unwavering support of JEW has ensured that the band
is able to experiment with their sound without receiving the usual backlash
that a lot of other groups are subject to. 

Chase This Light has
been one of the most anticipated records of 2007 and upon hearing it
I can understand why. While their breakthrough record Bleed American
had a harder edged guitar sound, CTL has traded in the jagged
riffs for the warmer guitar tones of Clarity (which is still
my favourite JEW record) while still retaining the more direct song
writing of their more recent work. Rarely can a band come full circle
and combine musical elements which span their entire career, but Jimmy
Eat World have done just that, and in the process they’ve released one
of the albums of the year.  

“Big Casino” is an obvious
choice as the album’s lead single. The guitars are as catchy as anything
that was on Futures and Jim Adkins trademark vocals have made
the song an instant classic in the JEW catalogue. “Let It Happen”
has a straight forward, four to the floor verse which acts as the perfect
introduction to the punchy chorus. With its staggered drum beat, harmonized
vocals and layered guitar work it is a standout track on album which
doesn’t have a weak tune on it. 

While not as sonically diverse
as the album’s first two songs, “Always Be” is a catchy pop tune
that has sing-a-long written all over it and “Carry You”, which
sits at the softer end of Jimmy Eat World’s repertoire is as effective
as anything else on the record.  

If you discovered JEW through
their Bleed American era pop hits then you’ll love “Electable”.
It’s an easy to digest tune and one that I can’t wait to hear in the
live setting. “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues” is a great way to break
up the record. Jim’s almost whispered vocals and the inclusion of strings
gives the song a really sombre feel which reminded me of The Smashing
Pumpkins contribution to The Lost Highway soundtrack (I believe the
song is called Eye if you want to check it out). 

“Feeling Lucky” has single
written all over it. Clocking in at under three minutes and with a chorus
that’s so catchy it’s almost sickening this tune is a summer anthem
if I’ve ever heard one. “Here It Goes” and the album’s title track
are both excellent songs and it’s great to see a band write an entire
record rather than relying on a few strategically placed hits.  

It’s also worth noting that
the members of Jimmy Eat World self produced this album (although they
did have some assistance from Butch Vig) because the quality of the
recording is amazing. Both the band and Butch Vig have done an excellent
job in capturing JEW’s live sound without sacrificing any of the song’s
pop sheen.


If you’re a fan of Jimmy Eat
World then you are going to love this record… simple as that! If for
some strange reason you are yet to fall in love with this band then
this might be the record that convinces you.


  1. Big Casino
  2. Let It Happen
  3. Always Be
  4. Carry You
  5. Electable (Give
    It Up)
  6. Gotta Be Somebody’s
  7. Feeling Lucky
  8. Here It Goes
  9. Chase T

3 Responses to “Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light”

  1. punk_rawker

    I dunno, ive listened to it a few times, but just like the new AWS i just cant get into it. And i love both bands back catalogue, ill just have to keep listening and hope it eventually works for me

  2. silv83

    good luck man. let me know how you go with that. i always like to see people really grappling with their problems and overcoming them after a long, arduous journey of frustration and self-discovery.

    hopefully “it” eventually works out for all of us.

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