Rex Banner – The Good Times Are Killing Me



The Good Times Are Killing Me






For Fans Of

Propagandhi – Lifetime – Strung Out


Mid 90’s punk with a healthy dose of SHRED…


93 / 100

How good was the mid 90’s?!
Seriously!! Epitaph were churning out great releases by the dozen and
there was no better feeling than having your XXL NoFX t-shirt delivered
to your front door 2 weeks after you’d placed an order from the booklet
that accompanied all Fat Wreck Chords releases. That’s right kids…
this is pre-internet!  

Do you know who else was paying
attention in the 90’s? The dudes who play in Rex Banner, that’s
who! Not only have they taken all the trademark elements from seminal
bands like Propagandhi but they’ve managed to incorporate a genuine
metallic element to their songs which is as melodic as it is technical. 

Opening tune “We Used To Be
Groundbreaking…” is a prime example of what Rex Banner are all about.
If you’re after pounding drums, sing-able melodies and wailing guitars
that would have the guys in Strung Out green with envy then you’ve
come to the right place.  

“We Can’t Stop Here, This
Is Donkey Kong Country” has been getting thrashed on my Ipod for the
last few months and it still sounds as fresh as the first time I heard
it. Although “Rain Or Hail Mary” moves to a furious beat it’s
a more straight forward and less metallic tune than its predecessor.  

If anyone was to accuse Rex Banner
of being a one dimensional punk band then “Now This Is Happening”
would certainly shut them up. Seamlessly melding the melody of punk
rock with the guitar acrobatics of an 80’s metal band this is by far
my favourite track on the record!


From start to finish this EP is
near flawless. My only gripe is that at only 6 songs in length, you’re
left hanging for more. If this is an indication of what Rex Banner are
capable of I can only imagine what their full length will sound like!  


  1. We Used To Be Groundbreaking,
    Now We’re Derivative
  2. We Can’t Stop Here,
    This Is Donkey Kong Country
  3. Rain Or Hail Mary
  4. Now This Is Happening
  5. Waste Deep At Scary

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