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So Wrong, It’s Right


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For Fans Of

New Found Glory – Fallout Boy – The Starting Line


Music so sugary your little sister will like it too…


70 / 100

I was given a copy of “All Time
Low’s” last EP (Put Up Or Shut Up) earlier this year. It wasn’t
bad… it just sounded like Fallout Boy without the memorable bits.
It was good for a listen and my girlfriend seemed to enjoy it so I put
them in the not bad but try harder pile. Turns out touring for
12 months has taught these boys a thing or two because “So Wrong It’s
Right” is a marked improvement for ATL. 

Pop punk is a hard game to play.
You’re never going to be groundbreaking when you’re working with
such a set formula but hey, if you’re looking for artistic expression
then you can always listen to The Mars Volta! If a band wants to last
longer than 12 months then they’re going to need memorable riffs and
hooks a plenty, and while “All Time Low” aren’t in the same league
as Fallout Boy or New Found Glory, they’re better than 90% of the
other crap that’s out there at the moment. 

The double time beat and gang
vocals in “This Is How We Do” bear more than a passing resemblance
to NFG but if you’re going to copy someone, it may as well be the
best and besides, a good pop punk breakdown never hurt anyone! “Let
It Roll” is closer to pop rock than punk but it’s a good song nonetheless…
kind of reminded me of The Starting Line before they went off the rails. 

“Six Feet Under The Stars”
is another pop friendly track but credit where credit is due, the song
does reference Jagermeister so that’s got to count for something!
“Holly (Would You Turn Me On)” is one of the album’s stand outs.
While it doesn’t pack the same punch as the band’s faster material
it’s got a killer melody and a riff that is sure to have the kids
losing their shit at ATL shows. 

Although Fallout Boy would be
well within their rights to sue ATL for breach of copyright “Shameless”
is still a great track with its crunchy guitar parts and ‘whoa oh oh’s’.
Just as I had feared the token acoustic song rears its ugly head in
the form of “Remembering Sunday”. I’m sure 14 year old girls will
love it but it doesn’t do anything for me. 

The remainder of the album drags
a bit and while none of the songs are overly bad they aren’t particularly
memorable either. The momentum that All Time Low had built through the
first 7 songs was well and truly killed by the inclusion of the acoustic


I understand that four to the
floor pop rock is all the rage these days but All Time Low is at their
best when they’re playing something with a little balls. The more
up-tempo tracks on “So Wrong, It’s Right” are the stand outs for
me and if ATL wrote a few more of these then I think they’d be onto
a winner.


  1. This Is How We Do
  2. Let It Roll
  3. Six Feet Under The
  4. Holly (Would You Turn
    Me On?)
  5. The Beach
  6. Dear Maria, Count Me
  7. Shameless
  8. Remember

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