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Melbourne Demo


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Norma Jean – Drop Dead, Gorgeous – The Chariot


I guess people REALLY like Norma Jean…


60 / 100

When In Name And Blood called
it quits earlier this many an Australian heavy music fan was left feeling
a bit empty. They came along at a time when every man and his dog was
writing breakdown after breakdown and they breathed some life into a soon to be stagnant genre… which is why The Seduction’s debut
release is something of a disappointment. Sure, there are some cool
riffs on offer and the packaging is pretty tidy but the whole affair
is pretty by the numbers. 

Ex- INAB front man Craigos is
at the helm of The Seduction but unfortunately his trademark shriek
is seldom heard. Instead his desperate yelp has been replaced with a
pretty stock deep growl, which isn’t the worst thing I’ve heard
this year but it’s far from amazing.  

As I mentioned earlier the band
have some quality guitar parts but you can’t shake the feeling that
you’ve heard it all before… if Norma Jean hadn’t already released
3 records then I might be a bit more excited about this.


The guys that make up The Seduction
are no slouches when it comes to musical ability so I’m interested
to see how their song writing develops over the next 12 months. On a
more positive note the packaging and artwork is impressive and it’s
refreshing to see band’s putting some time and effort into the appearance
of their record (bands take note – if you want people to buy your
record rather than downloading it then make it look pretty!!!).


  1. Corpus Christi
  2. This Statement Is False
  3. Hopeless
  4. Autophobia

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