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Say what you want, this is the album of the year…


97 / 100

Remember those quiet and reclusive
kids from high school? You know the ones who smoked a lot of weed and
loved metal? Do you know what they did? They grew up and formed “Between
The Buried And Me”, a band who is so gifted at their respective instruments
that they make the rest of us look like amateurs. Jealousy never got
anyone anywhere though, so you may as well kick back, put on a set of
headphones and immerse yourself in the best album of 2007. 

“Colors” is album number four
for BTBAM (not including the mish mash that was their covers record)
and as always the band has delivered a collection of songs which is
more progressive and more musically accomplished than their last offering.
While you may look at the cover and think that 8 tracks doesn’t constitute
a full length I urge you to reserve your judgment until you’ve listened
to the record from start to finish. There is no stand out song and there
sure as hell isn’t a hit single as “Colors” has been written for
music fans to listen to in its entirety. 

When “Foam Born (A) The Backtrack”
came out of my speakers I was positive I’d accidentally pressed play
on a Muse record. The piano and the softly sung vocals had Matt Belamy
written all over them, but lo and behold I was wrong. I think the biggest
surprise is the keyboards playing the same sweeping patterns that the
BTBAM guitarists usually tear through… very cool! Two minutes later
the track has somehow found its way to a blast beat and this seamlessly
introduces “(B) The Decade Of Statues”. On numerous occasions I’ve
made a point of I think breakdowns are a tired excuse for song writing
but the crushing riff at the 15 second mark of this song is simply brutal. 

As I mentioned, “Colors” isn’t
a record where you can choose a favourite song and press play… you
need to spend a lot of time with this record to full appreciate (and
understand) what’s going on. After 10 listens I’m still getting
my head around half the shit that’s on there so patience is a must
if plan on giving this disc a spin. 

All the standard BTBAM fare is
on display. Blast beats a plenty, schizophrenic guitar work and the
Mike Patton influenced vocals of main man Tommy but it’s the newest
additions to the band’s musical repertoire that make “Colors”
such an intriguing listen.  

While the band’s previous records
used sound manipulation as a way to link songs together, “Colors”
sees the electronic element of BTBAM become more heavily integrated
into the tracks themselves. Listening to the album through headphones
revealed electronic flourishes that I’d missed the first time round
and at no stage does any of it sound cheesy.


I couldn’t possibly hope to
dissect a record of this magnitude but I will suggest that you
keep an ear out for a blues inspired section in “Ants Of The Sky”
as well as a genuine hill billie ho down which somehow turns into some
of the most epic and arena worthy metal I’ve heard in this lifetime.
If Queen grew up listening to Pantera this would be the end result! 

2007 has already been amazing
year for new music but “Between The Buried And Me” has taken out
top honours. Album of the year!


  1. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack
  2. (B) The Decade Of Statues
  3. Informal Gluttony
  4. Sun Of Nothing
  5. Ants Of The Sky
  6. Prequel To The Sequel
  7. Viridian
  8. White Walls

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  1. slothcore

    i have a mate that has a full blown addiction to this album!!! he sits in his room and listens to it for days on end and i mean days!!!! but i cant blame him
    best two albums ever are in this order
    1.controller-misery signals

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