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The Rescue


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The future of Aussie rock is in good hands…


92 / 100

Having slugged it out for the
last 5 years and releasing a slew of well received EP’s, Horsell Common
are one band that would be deserving of a little success if it came
their way. While “The Rescue” may not be as instantly catchy as
some of the records HC’s peers have released in 2007, it is an album
which will stand the test of time.  

I know it sounds cliché, but
for Horsell Common it’s always been passion over fashion and
it’s that commitment to writing great songs without bucking to the
latest trends which has ensured “The Rescue” was worth the wait. 

Opening track and lead single
“Good From Afar” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Horsell
Common. Leigh’s drumming is as hard hitting as ever and Mark’s distinctly
Australian voice is in fine form. “Bruise Easy” is one of the catchier
tunes the Melbourne trio has penned in their existence and I have no
doubt it will become a live favourite. 

When a band is set to release
an EP it doesn’t really leave much room for experimentation. They
have to put together a set of hard hitting and direct tunes that will
grab the listener within 30 seconds of being heard. A full length album
is a band’s chance to show us what they’re fully capable of, and
“Automation” is a perfect example of this. The drawn out vocals
over the chorus are nothing short of amazing and the piano flourishes
throughout the track really fill out the sound. A lot of bands seem
to lose a listener’s attention after 3 minutes but there isn’t one
second of this song that isn’t engaging. 

“Help Is On It’s Way” is
hands down my favourite Horsell Common tune. The rapid fire drumming
and aggressive guitar work would be great on their own but yet again,
Mark has pulled another memorable vocal line out of the bag.  

I’ll be honest, I was initially
skeptical of the almost pop nature of “Sing The News” but
on repeated listens it’s grown to be one of my favourite songs on
the record and acts as a perfect introduction to the acoustic number
“Annie If You’re Listening”. With backing vocals from Lisa Gammaldi
(Capeside) the song is the most delicate yet somehow most powerful songs
that Horsell Common has written. 

After a fairly mellow mid section
it’s up to seventh track “It’s OK” to lift the album back up
again. The staggered guitars are classic Horsell Common without sounding
repetitive the open mid section of the song is one of the strongest
points of the record. 

The Deftones-ish introduction
of “I’m Dead” has an ominous feel to it, one which carries through
to the chorus, but Anberlin crooner Stephen Christian still manages
to successfully work one of his patented pop hooks into the songs 2nd
verse! The tour with former Far front man Jonah Montraga seems to have
paid off as album closer “Surgery” channels the spirit of the post
hardcore demigod, both musically and vocally.


It’s been a long time coming
but I think you’ll all agree that Horsell Common have delivered one
hell of a debut album. Do yourself a favour and check them out on the
Gyroscope tour because I guarantee you hearing these songs live will
be an experience you won’t soon forget. 


  1. Good From Afar
  2. Bruise Easy
  3. Automation
  4. Help Is On It’s Way
  5. Sing The News
  6. Annie, If You’re
  7. It’s OK
  8. I’m Dead
  9. The Soun

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