New Found Glory – From The Screen To Your Stereo Part II


From The Screen To Your Stereo Part II


Drive Thru Records




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Set Your Goals – Motion City Soundtrack – Fall Out Boy


Madonna never sounded so good…


88 / 100

Some bands are hailed as visionaries.
They’re credited with changing music as we know it and every music
critic worth their salt will claim that said band will forever
be remembered. New Found Glory is not one of those bands and
Rolling Stone will never give them a 5 star rating… and that’s just
the way NFG would want it. They’ve always been about having a good
time and writing music which is fun for themselves and their audience,
and that is why this record is so fucking good. 

“From The Screen To Your Stereo
Part II” is – funnily enough – the second time NFG have bastardized
songs from classic (or maybe not so classic depending on your taste)

Now let’s be honest. If you
didn’t like New Found Glory before this record then your opinion probably
isn’t changing anytime soon, but for the thousands of die hards out there then this will be the soundtrack
to your summer. 

“Kiss Me” is the first track
on offer, and it’s every bit as cheesy as I hoped it would be. Nasal
vocals, double time verses and pogo choruses all put in an appearance
and it sounds great, not to mention the fact that the song itself is
lifted from “She’s All That” featuring the always hot Rachel Leigh

The guest list for this record
reads like the honour roll at the pop punk version of Harvard. Sherri
from Eisley trades vocals with Jordan on “It Ain’t Me Babe” and
Chris Carrabba stops crying long enough to lend his pipes to “The
Promise” (Napoleon Dynamite fans will dig this one).  

Lisa Loeb sang “Stay (I Missed
You)” on the soundtrack to the cult teen film Reality Bites and I
can only assume she needs the cash because she’s on the NFG version
as well, although I must admit, she sounds pretty good! 

Remember that horrible song from
Romeo & Juliet? Yep, NFG have covered that as well but with a little
help from Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara it sounds half decent.
“Iris” is probably the only real let down on the record as it doesn’t
really deviate from the original, but all is not lost because “Don’t
You (Forget About Me)” is one of the best covers I’ve heard in a
long time. Who would’ve thought Emilio Estevez and the rest of The
Breakfast Club would be down with gang vocals! 

My favourite track on the record
goes to “Head Over Heels”. The song was fucking great to begin with
(go check out Tears For Fears kids, your parents probably own a record
or two) and I think NFG have done a great job with it. The guitars give
it a real kick and the added effects make it sound massive!


Covers albums aren’t everyone’s
cup of tea but 80’s film nuts and New Found Glory fans are going to
love this!


  1. Kiss Me
  2. It Ain’t Me Babe
  3. The Promise
  4. The King Of Wishful
  5. Stay (I Missed You)
  6. Love Fool
  7. Iris
  8. Don’t You (Forget
    About Me)

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