Mae – Singularity





Capitol Records/Tooth And Nail




For Fans Of

Foo Fighters – Cave In – Jimmy Eat World


Arena shows here we come…


92 / 100

This record is going to upset
a lot of long time Mae fans. Why you ask? “Singularity” has so many
arena rock anthems on it that Mae could very well become the next Jimmy
Eat World, and that would mean they aren’t our little secret anymore! 

But really, who gives a fuck!?
When an album is this good I couldn’t give a shit if the 12 year old
kid down the street likes it because good music is good music and Mae
deserve all the success that this album will earn them! 

The most noticeable different
between “Singularity” and Mae’s last outing (The Everglow) is
the lack of piano driven ballads. In fact, the traditional piano sounds
have been toned down dramatically and have since been replaced with
a synth heavy keyboard sound. I’m not saying that one is better than
the other – the piano suited the sounds the band was aiming for on
“The Everglow” and the electronic vibe is working for them at the
moment – they are just different! 

“Brink Of Disaster” has the
honour of opening the record and it’s a fair indication of where Mae’s
sound is currently at. I was expecting a piano based intro but instead
we’re given a riff to rival anything the Foo Fighters have written
in the last 5 years and a keyboard sound which wouldn’t be out of
place on a Helloogoodbye record. Good to see a band who’s not afraid
to throw in a key change and some well placed oh ahs as well! 

The clean chords which start “Crazy
8’s” made me think of Incubus (this is a good thing by the way)
and the seamless transition into the chorus makes it one smooth song.  

“Sometimes I Can’t Make It
Alone” has the same majestic feel that bands like Silverchair and Cave In are able to fit into their
rock operas. It’s amazing what a simple riff and a catchy (although
a tad cheesy) melody can achieve! Although “Just Let Go” is a pretty
cool song in its own right, I don’t think it competes with the more
upbeat material that is prevalent on the record.  

Dave Elkins has always been a
competent vocalist but some of the notes he hits on “Singularity”
wouldn’t have been possible 2 years ago. Chalk it up to more experience
on the road, or maybe a few more dollars in the studio but either way
the vocals performance should be applauded. 

You’re not going to find a bad
track here, but for my money they keyboards and chorus on melody on
“Waiting” are pure gold, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” is sure to be
a dance floor hit and “Telescopes” will have crowds bringing the
pogo mosh like it’s 1996 all over again.


I can only assume that the directive
from the suits at Capitol Records was to write an album full of upbeat
rockers. Normally a record with 12 songs that follow the same pattern
could become a little boring but it doesn’t really matter when every
chorus is as big as Michael Moore. 



  1. Brink Of Disaster
  2. Crazy 8’s
  3. Sometimes I Can’t
    Make It Alone
  4. Just Let Go
  5. On Top
  6. Waiting
  7. Sic Temper Tyrannis
  8. Release Me
  9. Telescopes

3 Responses to “Mae – Singularity”

  1. lukeram

    I guess I am one of those long time fans who disagree but this CD was their turn for the bad. Losing 3(?) members from the band was a bad choice and it was definately noticable at their show at soundwave, having realised the crowd doesn’t want to hear the new stuff a chant of “EVERGLOW” drowned out singularity and they changed the set-list to suit the crowd. I spoke with each of the band members afterwards, who were also doubtful of the new cd.

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