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We All Have Secrets


Boomtown Records



For Fans Of

Circa Survive – Armor For Sleep – The Getaway Plan


Australia’s answer to Circa Survive…


91 / 100

In a little over 12 months, Elora
Danan have earned themselves support slots for some of Australia and
the US’s finest bands, a deal with indie powerhouse Boomtown Records
and most importantly, they have caught the attention of music fans all
over the country. 

“We All Have Secrets” is the
band’s debut release… and what a release it is! Taking the driving
rock rhythms of Armor For Sleep and the atmospheric guitar parts of
Circa Survive, Elora Danan have struck a healthy balance between the
experimental and catchy. 

One of the most striking things
about “We All Have Secrets” is the fact that it’s an entire package.
The artwork is great, the lyrics are cryptic interpretations of the
band member’s favourite movies (points for originality on that one)
and it contains more than the usual 5 or 6 tracks!  

Opening track “Who Are You?
Stop Writing In My Diary” is a perfect summation of what Elora Danan
is all about… huge riffs and soaring vocals! Most bands would kill
to have one vocalist this talented but Elora Danan have two (lucky bastards).
While lead singer George has a commanding voice it’s guitarist/singer
Issac who gives the band that special something that makes them stand
out in an already crowded scene. 

“Check Your Smile” is a more
instantly catchy song than its predecessor. The simple but effective
intro riff gives the song a real kick and again the vocal interplay
between George and Issac is excellent.  

In our recent interview with Matt
(ED bass player) he said “A Place To Be Somebody” almost didn’t
make the record. While the predominantly acoustic doesn’t show off
Elora Danan’s skillful use of effects it does allow George to really
showcase his vocal range. 

The lead riff at the start of
“Parallel Universe” is really cool and gives the song a hook an
instant hook. Bass driven verses with sporadic guitars are the order
of the day here… that is until you’re hit with another monster chorus. 

The piano interlude is a nice
touch (although not entirely necessary) and it introduces “Before
The Blackout” nicely. While being more straight forward than the other
songs on this mini album, Issac’s Anthony Green-esque vocals
in the chorus are simply amazing. “Thank God For Their Growth In Faith
And Love” is a re-recorded version of one of the band’s demo songs,
and while not differing from the original it’s still a worthy inclusion
on an already great release.


This is a stunning debut from
a band that clearly has big things ahead of them. Make sure you check
them out on the Boomtown Showdown throughout November!


  1. Who Are You? Stop Writing
    In My Diary!!!
  2. Check Your Smile
  3. A Place To Be Somebody
  4. Parallel Universe
  5. Before The Blackout
  6. Thank God For Their
    Growth In

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