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Converge – Neurosis – Curl Up And Die


Doom and gloom is the order of the day…


90 / 100

“Slowly Building Weapons”
is a name I have seen floating around for the last few years, but even
with the rising popularity of experimental Australian artists such as
“The Rivalry” and “A Secret Death” they don’t seem to have
reached the same kind of notoriety as their peers.  

All that will change with the release
of “Nausicaa” as SBW’s debut full length is 40 minutes of some
of the most epic, memorable and tortured music an Australian band has
put out in a very long time. 

After starting with a weird sample
and some white noise you are hit with opening tirade “Star Swallower”,
which sounds like Converge if they smoked too much weed and couldn’t
play fast anymore. This is a good thing by the way, as the song is more
intense than an evening with Johnny Depp circa “Fear And Loathing”. 

Second track “Opening And Sucking…”
has more of a punk feel to it and the layered vocals sound positively
maniacal (especially through headphones). Whilst I initially felt the
song’s clean passage killed the momentum of the first sixty seconds,
after a few listens it had become one of my favourite parts of the record. 

“Rotating Gears…” isn’t
as dense as the previous 2 tracks and has – dare I say it – a catchy
guitar riff and the speed picking through the bridge sounds great coupled
with the plodding bass line! 

“Codex Vaticus” and “Mechatronic”
are both good tracks but the standout for me is “Intravenous Song”.
The melody of the guitar riff and the slightly deeper vocals used on
this track are fucking great. The vibe is reminiscent of musical gods
Isis without sounding like a carbon copy – something which many bands
try and fail miserably at! Being able to insert hooks into music this
is abrasive is no easy feat but SBW seem to excel at it.

Case in point, “Harvest Home”
starts with a straight up acoustic intro and turns into one of the most
evil sounding tracks on the record and without missing a beat seamlessly
flows into “Steady Mr Pitt”, a dirty, bass driven track which is
sure to please fans of the Hydra Head roster.


With a release this strong, I
don’t see any reason why “Slowly Building Weapons” can’t move
further up the Australian metal pecking order… so spread the word!


  1. Star Swallower
  2. Opening And Sucking
    On Windows Of Your Fuselage
  3. Rotating Gears Out
    Of The Ghost Womb
  4. Codex Vaticus
  5. Mechatronic
  6. Intravenous Song
  7. Harvest H

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