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Phantom Limb





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The three year wait was worth it…


83 / 100

The great thing about a group
like Pig Destroyer is you’re very rarely disappointed. When a band
makes a name for itself playing foot to the floor grindcore with elements
of thrash and hardcore it’s safe to assume they’re not going to
release an album full of acoustic balladry. 

“Phantom Limb” is another
chapter in Pig Destroyer’s already impressive history and is a worthy
follow up to their last full length “Terrifyer”.  The 30 plus
minute DVD track (titled “Natasha”) which accompanied “Terrifyer”
ensured the record is now viewed as a classic, however the 14 tracks
which make up “Phantom Limb” are more than capable of cementing
Pig Destroyer’s reputation as leader’s of their chosen genre 

After the ominous intro of “Rotten
Yellow” you’re hit in the face with a furious blast beat and one
of Pig Destroyer’s signature riffs. “Jupiter’s Eye” starts with
a great drum fill and stop/start riff before the song ventures into
thrash territory. Even with a slower tempo the riffing is still as furious
as ever. 

The almost doom introduction of
“Deathtripper” is one of the most menacing things committed to record
this year and the guitar work in the breakdown is pure fucking evil.
“Cemetery Road” and “Lesser Animal” are both fairly standard
Pig Destroyer fare – that is both songs are at the higher end of the
BPM spectrum. 

My favourite track on the record
would have to be “Loathsome”. Although it’s a mid paced number
(well, mid paced for Pig Destroyer) the groove of the riff and constant
double kick is something you can’t but help bang your head to. At
4 minutes, it’s one of the longest Pig Destroyer tracks you’ll come
across but the band pulls it off flawlessly.


At the end of the day, this review
isn’t going to sway anyone’s opinion of Pig Destroyer. You either
like music this fast and abrasive or you don’t. If the heaviest band
in your CD player is Good Charlotte then this isn’t for you but if
you’re looking for something short, fast and loud then you should
give “Phantom Limb” a listen. 

Oh yeah, “Girl In The Slayer
Jacket” is the best song title of 2007.


  1. Rotten Yellow
  2. Jupiter’s Eye
  3. Deathtripper
  4. Thought Crime Spree
  5. Cemetery Road
  6. Lesser Animal
  7. Phantom Limb
  8. Loathsome
  9. Heathen Temple

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