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Ah, the good old days…


90 / 100

The minute I was given this CD
I felt like I was 16 years old again. For those of you that grew up without hearing “No Use For A Name” I feel genuinely sorry for
you. As one of Fat Wreck Chords flagship bands, NUFAN have spent 20
years (yep, you read correctly, 20 years) playing fast, melodic and
most importantly FUN punk rock. 

“All The Best Songs” is effectively
a greatest hits collection, and although a lot of bands release a “best
of” these days, NUFAN are one of the few acts I can think of who’ve
actually earnt the right to do so! 

If I was to go through every track
on this record I’d still be typing this review a month from now…
so it’s not going to happen! However, the two last songs on the record
are previously unreleased and should tide you over until the next batch
of NUFAN tunes. “History Defeats” is classic No Use… but it’s
“Stunt Double” which proves to be the biggest surprise. Kicking
off with an acoustic intro, the song is slow and driving with a chorus
that would get the most jaded punk fan nodding in approval.  

With material spanning the band’s
entire career you’ve pretty much got the ultimate mix tape on your
hands. Fan favourites such as “Justified Black Eye”, “Soulmate”
and “On The Outside” all make an appearance but it’s the inclusion
of faster tracks like “Permanent Rust” that reminded me of why I
loved NUFAN so much in the first place. 

The most impressive thing about
“All The Best Songs” is that you skip through 20 years of history
and still not find a bad song. No matter what has happened in the musical
world, NUFAN have never changed styles or jumped on a trend to win a
few new fans and this record serves as a reminder as to why most of
us got into music in the first place!


There’s no way one review could
sufficiently cover just how great this band is so I’ll leave you with
this… Whether you’re a life long fan or you’ve only recently discovered
“No Use For A Name” it doesn’t matter… this is a must have release
for any punk fan!


  1. “International
    You Day”
  2. “Justified
    Black Eye”
  3. “Coming Too
  4. “Invincible”
  5. “Dumb Reminders”
  6. “Fatal Flu”
  7. “Life Size

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