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The wait was worth it…


92 / 100

For close to five years “Mere
Theory” has been one of Adelaide’s best keep secrets. Their ability
to write disjointed but catchy rock songs is something that most bands
in the genre spend a life time trying to achieve.  

“Catalan Atlas” is hands down
one of the best Australian releases of the year, and if there’s any
justice in the world, it should finally see “Mere Theory”
achieve the same kind of success as groups like Gyroscope and Blueline

“Catalan Atlas” is the first
recording that new vocalist Chris Mellow has been a part of… and what
a find this guy is. Having already gone through two singers I was concerned
that some of “Mere Theory’s” spark may have been lost however
album opener “Every End” quickly put an end to my worries. Let’s
just say that if you’re a fan of soaring, epic melodies then you will
love this track! 

Guitarist Nigel Black has outdone
himself yet again. His trademark stop/start riffing is still an important
part of the “Mere Theory” sound but the consistency of the song
writing on “Catalan Atlas” has far exceeded anything the band has
done previously.  

The melody that the guitar parts
create is as infectious as any pop song you’d care to name and when
you couple it with Chris’s vocal prowess, you’re left with some
of the most memorable tunes a local band has churned out in a very
long time. 

Richard Stoltz production job
on “Catalan Atlas” is some of his best work yet. The long hours
that went into this record have paid off because every riff, every drum
beat and every bass line cut their way through the mix AND the vocals
actually sound real! Always refreshing to hear a band that can actually
pull off their songs without the aid of studio tricks! 

For my money, “Gracefully”,
“Stand Up” and “Stabilise” are the strongest tracks on the record
but after saying that, every time I listen to “Catalan Atlas” I
find something else I love about it. 


“Mere Theory” is one of those
bands that don’t come along very often. They don’t buck to trends
and they write the music that makes them happy. The fact that we, the
listeners happen to enjoy what they do is just a bonus. Make sure you
pick up this record and check the band out live… you’ll thank me


  1. Every End Is A New
  2. You Will Never Win
  3. Gracefully
  4. Stand Up
  5. Stabilise
  6. Breath (Take This
  7. Design Of Influence
  8. Eye For An Eye

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