Last Of The Believers – Paper Ships Under A Burning Bridge


Paper Ships Under A Burning Bridge






For Fans Of

Samiam – Reach The Sky - Lifetime


Shame it’s only an EP because you’ll be hanging to hear more…


88 / 100

When ex or current members of
prominent bands get together to make some new noise – in this case
some dudes from Ignite, Reach The Sky and Rise Against – the results
can be somewhat mediocre. Sure, you know the guys in the new group can
definitely play but sometimes the magic just isn’t there. While “Paper
Ships Under A Burning Bridge” isn’t going to reinvent the punk rock
wheel, “Last Of The Believers” have delivered an EP which is as
memorable as it is melodic. 

Opening track “Dissent” is
an upbeat number which has everything you’d expect from a band with
this pedigree. Punchy riffs and gang vocals are the order of the day…
but as tired as this recipe may look on paper LOTB do it well.  

“Throwing Matches” has more
of an emphasis on clean vocals and chorus hooks. Couple that with its
mid tempo pace and you’ve got a sing a long on your hands. 

A guest appearance from Dave Peters
of Throwdown makes “Workhorse” your more straight up hardcore fanfare,
but again, the quality of the song writing on offer makes the tune far
more enjoyable than a lot of similar records I’ve heard in the last
12 months.  

“You Get What You Get” was
definitely a surprise. A slow, almost pop punk track that has a fucking
killer chorus and an awesome, what more could you want! Closing out
the EP is “Fists Up” which is more aggressive that the rest of the
recording but doesn’t sound out of place.


Chalk it up to the band members
many years experience in other similar acts, but “Last Of The Believers”
have released one of my favourite punk/hardcore records of 2007. It’s
only so check it out!


  1. Dissent
  2. Throwing Matches
  3. Workhorse
  4. You Get What You Get
  5. Fists Up

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  1. KYS-Cam

    i wasn’t aware they hadn’t played a show so i’m definitely curious to see if they can do this live. Regardless, I think the songs are fucking great!

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