The Hot Lies – Emergency! Emergency! (Single)



Emergency! Emergency! (Single)


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The Used – The Academy Is - Yellowcard


If they played as well as they partied then they might have a chance…


45 / 100

According to the press sheet I
was sent this week, “The Hot Lies” last EP – Heart Attacks And Callous
Acts – sold in excess of 10,000 copies! What I can’t get my head around
is how said EP shifted so many units, because if Emergency! Emergency!
is any indication of the band’s song writing ability, well… “The
Hot Lies” just aren’t very good. 

The title track doesn’t waste
any time, kicking off with a pretty standard riff and lead guitar part
and within 20 seconds you’re hit with Pete Wood’s strained vocals.
From day one I wasn’t sold on the guy’s singing ability and he doesn’t
seem to have improved over the last couple of years.  

The B-Side is a cover of Cyndi
Lauper’s cheesy 80’s hit “Time After Time” and I’m shocked
to find that it’s actually worse than the original. It sounds like
something that a 15 year old band rehearsing next door in their parent’s
garage would come up with – not a band that’s spent the better part
of 2 years on the road! 

I’m a sucker for a good acoustic
track, and “Ghosts And Mirrors” fares pretty well… that is until
Pete Wood starts singing. Sounding like Bert McCracken (The Used front-man
for anyone who hasn’t watched TV in the last 3 years) with a chest
infection, the vocals on this song let down what is a pretty cool riff. 


When your band is peddling “by
the numbers” pop rock, your vocalist better have something special
up his/her sleeve. Unfortunately for “The Hot Lies”, they just don’t
have it.


  1. Emergency! Emergency!
  2. Time After Time
  3. Ghosts And Mirrors

16 Responses to “The Hot Lies – Emergency! Emergency! (Single)”

  1. jarule

    At the end of the day anonymous fagget, a review is just someones opinion. If you are entitled to yours, then Cam is entitled to his.

  2. silv83

    nice try #4. I’m all for disagreeing with some of Cam’s reviews, but next time trying defending something actually worth defending. The Hot Lies dont warrant the hour you probably spent concocting that little (pseduo)assault

  3. silv83

    I wish I wrote that comment?
    The Hot Lies do not deserve my comments. And in any case, your little response sounds like a yr 10 English Language Analysis task by a student averaging C+s.

    Dude, without explaining why the review was “boring”, full of “comical dig” and negative, ur just labelling.

    I could say the exact same thing about ur little response. Would it hold true too?

    And at least didn’t have to rely on sarcasm, the mark of a complete amateur looking for little bit of self-satisfaction and 15 mins of online KYS fame: “It is ingeniously ended with further repetition of that original ‘pick’ on the vocals. wow!”

  4. silv83

    I was commenting on your attempted humour, not the band sunshine.

    Again, you’ve said I’ve re-enforced something and made you original comment better, but don’t say how. Anyone can make outrageous claims and not back them up.

    I think most ppl reading this would agree your a bit out of your depth here. Even if ppl have different opinions here, most ppl appreciate music enough to be able to back up what they are saying with relevant support and examples.

    Maybe come back in a year or two when you’ve turned the radio off and considered a record for more than 5 mins.

    With nonsensical, unjustified responses, responding to you in turn is little more than a waste of time

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