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The Galilean Satellites


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Isis – Cult Of Luna – Sigur Ros


You’ll need a few listens to get your head around this one…


96 / 100
If you’re wondering why I’m
reviewing an album which came out in 2005 it’s because I’ve only
just acquired a proper copy of it! Oh yeah, and it’s a fucking amazing
record and I felt it deserved to be written about! 

Rosetta is an experimental foursome
based in Philadelphia who have a knack for writing epic, earth moving
soundscapes, which are completely punishing one minute and then gentle
and ambient the next. 

Taking their queues from bands
like Isis and Cult Of Luna, Rosetta have approached the genre (if you
can call it that, it’s experimental for a reason) in a way which is
both unique and intriguing to anyone who is prepared to give the band
a go. 

“The Galilean Satellites”
is a 2 disc collection which shows that Rosetta are happy to play around
at either end of the extreme music spectrum. The 5 tracks that make
up disc 1 contain nearly an hour of crushing, metallic music. At times,
the band’s sound is littered with abrasive screaming, at others, Rosetta
can spend 5 minutes building dense instrumentals. 

The five tracks on disc 2 run
at exactly the same length (barring some extra noise at the end of track
5) as the first, but with a major difference. All of these songs are
made up of samples and loops which make for an almost dreamy sound.
Some people may even argue that this disc doesn’t even qualify as
music, but for those with an open mind there is a lot to enjoy here. 

Now, if releasing a double album
of completely differing styles of music isn’t enough, there’s something
else on offer. Keeping in mind that the 5 tracks on each CD have the
same running time, these discs are designed to be played together.
That’s right, if you load each CD into a separate stereo and run them
concurrently, both pieces of music will overlap! After looking into
this a little further, your brain is actually forced to create a new
neurological pathway to fully comprehend what its hearing… that’s
some crazy shit!!!!


If you’re looking to purchase
some background music, then this record isn’t for you. If however
you’re looking for an album which might require some attention, this
is for you!


Disc 1  

  1. Departe
  2. Europa
  3. Absent
  4. Itinerant
  5. Au Pays Natal


Disc 2 

  1. Deneb
  2. Capella

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