Every Time I Die – The Big Dirty


The Big Dirty


Ferret/Stomp (Australia)



For Fans Of

He Is Legend – Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster – The Bronx


According to the band, this is the greatest album of all time…


96 / 100

Every Time I Die – the band who
built their reputation on taking the piss out of absolutely everything,
have done it again!  

The press release (which was written
by the band’s vocalist and chief shit talker Keith Buckley) that accompanies
this record would have you believe that ETID are some kind of genetically
engineered beast – and the comparison isn’t far off. 

“The Big Dirty” has taken
the southern fried riffing from “Gutter Phenomenon”, “Hot Damn’s”
hooks and the same level of aggression that made “Last Night In Town”
such an amazing record and turned it into a fucking monster. 

If you were expecting a complete
musical overhaul from these Buffalo lads then you may be a little disappointed
– “The Big Dirty” is instantly recognizable as ETID – but if you’re
happy for the band to continue to refine their sound and write some
amazing songs in the process, then you’re going to love this record
as much as I do. 

There isn’t a bad track on “The
Big Dirty” but there are a couple of songs that stand head and shoulders
above the rest, making them some of ETID’s best songs to date. 

Opening barrage “No Son Of Mine”
starts with a trademark ETID riff, and although the drums may seem a
little more straight forward than the band’s previous work, they do
their job perfectly – giving the song a groove which is destined to
have audiences kicking up a shit storm. 

“We’rewolf” is about as
straight up rock n roll as ETID get, bringing to mind bands like The
Bronx and the twanging guitar riff that closes out the song is close
to being the best riff the band have ever written! “INRIhab” is
an amazing song in its own right but having Alexisonfire guitarist/crooner
Dallas Green lend his vocal prowess to the chorus makes it even better.   


If you’re a fan of Every Time
I Die then I have no doubt that you will love this record – the riffs
are flawless, the drumming is amazing as usual and Keith Buckley’s
lyrics are rife with the sarcastic social commentary that we’ve come
to love. Album of the year contender for sure!


  1. No Son Of Mine
  2. Pigs Is Pigs
  3. Leatherneck
  4. We’rewolf
  5. Rebel Without Applause
  6. Cities And Years
  7. Rendez – Voodoo
  8. A Gentleman’s Sport
  9. INRI

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