Bring Me The Horizon – Count Your Blessings


Count Your Blessings


Visible Noise/Shock



For Fans Of

I Killed The Prom Queen – Unearth – Killswitch Engage


Apparently they’re all the rage with the kids…


50 / 100

This could’ve been the greatest
metal record of the last 10 years and I still would’ve struggled to
give it a good review. Why you ask? Because by all reports, vocalist
and public enemy number 1 Oliver Sykes (yes, that’s right, his name
is Oliver) is a right royal dickhead. 

Putting the band’s extra-curricular
activities and bad reputation aside, “Count Your Blessings” can
be viewed in 2 completely different ways. If you’re 18 and think that
Atreyu are the greatest metal band of all time then you will love this!
The band have great hair cuts, very expensive jeans and lots of breakdowns
where you can show off your mosh moves to your 16 year old girlfriend. 

If however you have actually heard
a real death metal band before and you don’t care much about young
men parading around in their sisters clothes then there’s nothing
on “Count Your Blessings” that you haven’t heard before. 

Admittedly, the guys in BMTH can
definitely play – the guitarists have some cool riffs up their sleeves
and the drummer can set a cracking pace (although these days, who can
really tell with the over-produced and triggered drum sounds most bands
use on their records) and Mr Sykes vocalists are reminiscent of the
high pitched squawk that Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder can pull
off – but none of that means much when you’ve heard it all before. 

BMTH’s first EP followed in
the foot steps of discordant US acts like Zao and Norma Jean, but on
“Count Your Blessings” they have well and truly jumped on board
the Euro metal band wagon, reminding me of our own I Killed The Prom
Queen on more than one occasion (barring the terrible clean vocals).


The annoying thing about this
record is that these guys clearly have some potential. If they ditched
their over used mosh parts – seriously, Unearth could sue for breach
of copyright – and stopped caring about their appearance so much (go
to and have a laugh) then they could develop
into a good metal band. 

After saying all that, this band
is fucking huge in Europe and will no doubt become a hit down here as
well, but for those of you who want to see a metal band and not a fashion
show, go and buy an Arsis record already!


  1. Pray For Plagues
  2. Tell Slater Not To
    Wash His Dick
  3. For Stevie’s Eyes
  4. A Lot Like Vegas
  5. Black And Blue
  6. Slow Dance
  7. Liquor And Love Lost
  8. (

34 Responses to “Bring Me The Horizon – Count Your Blessings”

  1. silv83

    and i always thought you were staunchly opposed to genre pigeonholing. does it really matter that this band doesnt reflect traditional metal, especially in this age of postmodernity and subcultures that have been commercialised anyway?

    its its own thing. it’s music by a band

  2. the weakend

    an umbrella is used to keep rain off your head. and all these wet cunts that’re complaining about the review. fucking put up with it, its his opinions you hairy twats.

  3. silv83

    “fucking put up with it”

    so if you dont agree with something at all, rather than say something, follow this great advice from one of lifes big winners. awesome, especially given we have a federal election coming up.

    ppl on this site continue to amaze me at their lack of intestinal fortitude when someone disagrees with their opinion. im beginning to think there a lot of living (perhaps computer) room experts here who think that because they are interested in music automatically means they know something about it

  4. KYS-Cam

    does that mean that because someone only has an “interest” in music then they are not entitled to opinion? and just out of curiousity, who are you to to comment on who does and doesn’t know something about “it”?

  5. silv83

    of course they are entitled to an opinion (to suggest otherwise based on my comment would be a logical fallacy). That said, they should not be so dogmatic about it and pretend their opinion holds great weight.

    and as for me commenting on who does and who doesnt know something about ‘it’, its pretty self-evident who is only capable of something superficial when u look at the nature, especially the depth and sophistication, of half the comments on this site

    and you didnt address my comment about “fucking put up with it”. presumably you agree

  6. KYS-Cam

    oh definitely. It’s just hard to communicate effectively over the internet because you can misinterpret so many things. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. the weakend

    bu fucking put up with it, i mean its his opinion, his entitled to it. no one can shoot people down for having an opinion.

  8. KYS-Josh

    Just read the review. Haven’t heard the band but the way Cam has described this band and the current climate in the heavy music scene I wouldn’t be surprised that this is on the money. Also there was plenty of “technical jargon” (re: drummer can set a cracking pace) and “talk of music” (re: discordant US acts like Zao and Norma Jean). Neck up….I have seen worse reviews.

  9. suspense

    #24 Im assuming you mean old Trivium as being real metal cause the new stuff does in fact lick balls. Btw the review was fucking hilarious. Quite a good fucking read but I still like listening to BMTH. Also didnt this album come out a while ago?

  10. getlaidordielyin

    ive seen recent photo shoots and theyve ditched their shit haircuts which is an improvement. i think once this whole deathcore brutal scene amongst the teenagers die down theyll devolop into a good band, not saying the record wasnt good. but im saying just devolop more. their signed to earache so it must be something alright in their

  11. onthebathroomfloor

    i honestly quite like this album, granted it’s not the greatest metal album of all time and this is noweher near the greatest band. yes, the fans and oli will always keep this band from gaining any form of respect, but this album is half descent. it can all blur together, the songs sound the same, there’s nothing new, but thats what i’d expext from a band like this. i started listening to this album with low expextations and it surprised me. better than people give it credit for.

  12. darcySTUART

    an apt review. im a self confessed bmth fan, and even i wish mr sykes would pull his head out of his own glory hole.
    …the sodding wanker

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