The Dear Hunter – Act I – The Lake South, The River North


Act I – The Lake South, The River North


Triple Crown/East West



For Fans Of

Coheed And Cambria – Muse – The Receiving End Of Sirens


I know I’m a little late to the party, but this is awesome…


91 / 100

Ok, I know this EP came out last
year, but I only bought it/heard it this week and am so impressed that
I felt it deserved a review. 

The Dear Hunter began life as
a solo project from ex “The Receiving End Of Sirens” guitarist Casey
Crescenzo, who was either asked to leave TREOS or left on his own accord
(depending on how you ask) at the beginning of 2006.  

Rather than joining another established
band or disappearing off the face of the musical map, Casey went about
composing the material which was to make up The Dear Hunter’s debut
EP – and I’m glad he did because this record is one of the most
refreshing things I’ve heard in a long time. 

“The Lake South, The River North”
contains 5 actual songs, as well a vocal introduction and 2 instrumental
pieces (which also include various samples), which gives you an idea
of how ambitious this EP is. Not only did Casey play every instrument
– except the drums and a few select guest appearances from members
of his family – he has pieced together a story courtesy of his lyrics.
For those who are turned off by the grandiose of concept records this
may sound like a disaster. However, if you want a little more from your
music you will really enjoy this aspect of The Dear Hunter. 

Musically, the songs remind me
of a less “pop” version of Muse. Epic, drawn out vocals, mixed
with discordant guitars and intricate keyboard parts make each and every
a song a journey. While not possessing the same range as Muse vocalist
Matt Bellamy, Casey Crescenzo isn’t far behind. So impressive is his
ability behind the mic that it makes you wonder why TREOS didn’t hang
on to him.


Giving a blow by blow account
of each track wouldn’t do this EP justice – it needs to be listened
to as a whole. The Dear Hunter now have a full line up and a new record
which I plan on picking up shortly, and I can only hope a tour down
under is on the cards!


  1. Battesimo Del Fucco
  2. The Lake South
  3. City Escape
  4. The Inquiry Of Ms Terri
  5. 1878
  6. The Pimp And The Priest
  7. His Hands Matched His
  8. The River North

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