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Morning Again – The Hope Conspiracy - Throwdown


Has it been worth the 4 year wait?


74 / 100

Nora have been kicking around
in one way or another for 10 years but in that time their recorded output
has been limited – the main reason being that vocalist Carl Severson
also runs powerhouse indie label Ferret Records. However, when Nora
does find the time to record it’s usually something special. 

Their last record “Dreamers
And Deadmen” was fucking great. Driving rhythms, tough riffs and scratchy
vocal delivery which reminded me of Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy),
so I was looking forward to big things from “Save Yourself”… which
is unfortunate because the collection of songs on offer do not live
up to my expectations.  

4 years in the making, “Save
Yourself” is being touted by Trustkill Records as Nora’s “Reign
In Blood” or their “Master Of Puppets”. The problem with talking
a record up to that extent is that anything less than perfection will
be seen as a let down – and that’s exactly what has happened here. 

The album kicks off with “Somebody
Call Somebody”, a great song in its own right but it’s not too far
removed from Nora’s earlier work. Single note riffs give the song
a more metal feel and the groove in the bridge is reminiscent of Pantera
(which is always a plus).  

“Scum” is an upbeat song that
has more in common with the previously mentioned Hope Conspiracy than
Nora’s more metallic material. “Broken” is a standout track with
its use of almost galloped metal riffing and a breakdown that has more
in common with mid 90’s metalcore and not the “by the numbers”
beatdown that most bands are peddling these days. Nearing the end of
the record we’re given “Chances Aren’t” which would have to
be one of the best tunes Nora has committed to record.  

Still, with all these standouts
you can’t escape the feeling that you’ve heard most of this before.
As I said earlier, there’s nothing here that wasn’t done on “Dreamers
And Deadmen”, and while I’m still a big fan of the band, they’re
a long off way creating their “Reign In Blood”.

This might sound like I’m nit-picking,
but the cover art is way too similar to their last record as well –
same colour scheme, same effects etc… I’m not saying the artwork
is bad (on the contrary, it looks great), but at first glance I thought
I was holding a copy of “Dreamers and Deadmen” and not “Save Yourself”. 


“Save Yourself” is a solid
record and one which will solidify Nora’s reputation as a no bullshit
hardcore/metal band, but it’s far from being the classic album that
Trustkill is hyping it up to be.


  1. Somebody Call Somebody
  2. Scum
  3. Broken
  4. Save Yourselves
  5. Famous Last Words
  6. Have You Ever Had A
    Really Bad Day?
  7. Just Like Johnny
  8. The Moment, The Sound,

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