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Fourth time’s a charm…


84 / 100

Tiger Army is one of those bands
that have always passed me by. I’ve seen a ton of kids wearing their
shirts, had friends offer to lend me their CD’s and their tour of
Australia had rave reviews – but for some reason I’d never really
given them a listen. 

After hearing “Music From Regions
Beyond” that will all change because I’m really enjoying this record.  

As I mentioned, I’m not familiar
with Tiger Army’s previous records but from all reports the band’s
earlier material had a more pronounced psychobilly influence, whereas
“Music From Regions Beyond” has a greater emphasis on pop harmonies
and an 80’s, almost goth feel – something which singer/guitarist
Nick 13 made mention of in our recent interview with him.  

I’m not sure what long time
Tiger Army fans think of this record, but I enjoyed the mid tempo songs
the most. Not to take anything away from the more punk and hardcore
influenced tracks – such as “Ghosts Of Memory” – but the melodies
and synth parts in “As The Cold Rain Falls” are something which
will get stuck in your head for hours. LunaTone is another standout
track with its washy guitar sound and laid back groove. 

After saying that, Hotprowl is
an excellent song and is likely to appeal to the band’s older fans.
The gang vocals are great and the walking bass lines give the song plenty
of punch. Jerry Fin’s production of the record is exactly what the
band needed. All the instruments have a clarity that is often lacking
on punk records, but the overall sound isn’t too polished – something
which can detract from the feel of an album.

My only real gripe with the record
is the amount of guest vocals. I’m a big fan of the odd guest appearance
on a song or two, but Davey Havok of AFI appears on at least 3 tracks!
While I can appreciate the long standing friendship between AFI and
Tiger Army I think that’s a bit excessive. Brandon from Bleeding Through
and Dan from The Dear And Departed (Day Of Contempt) also show up on
a song each! 


Music From Regions Beyond is a
great collection of songs, one which has encouraged me to delve further
into Tiger Army’s back catalogue and see what else they have to offer
but as I said earlier, I feel the amount of guests on the record is
a bit much. Tiger Army has written an excellent record and don’t need
to rely on their famous friends to shift units. 


  1. Prelude: Signal Return
  2. Hotprowl
  3. Afterworld
  4. Forever Fades Away
  5. Ghosts Of Memory
  6. LunaTone
  7. Pain
  8. As The Cold Rain Falls
  9. Hechizo De Amor

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