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On Letting Go


Equal Vision



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Chiodos – Saosin – The Receiving End Of Sirens


Album of the year contender right here…


96 / 100

The air of anticipation surrounding
the release of Circa Survive’s sophomore record has been huge. Recent
interviews with the band had various members throwing around terms like
“refined” and “more cohesive song writing”, which had some long
terms concerned that the band had traded in their epic sound scapes
for safe pop songs. 

Well Circa fans, I’m happy to
report that not only is the band’s trademark sound intact, but the
songs contained within “On Letting Go” are the groups finest to

In today’s musical landscape,
writing a full length album can be a hard task. Fans want you to progress
from your original concept and give them something new to listen to,
but at the same time, if you change your sound too drastically then
your band will be met with criticism.  

With “On Letting Go”, Circa
Survive has struck a healthy balance between old and new. They have
written the perfect second record – one that has capitalised on all
of Juturna’s (their debut) strength’s without alienating their existing
fan base. 

“Living Together” is the perfect
album opener – driving drums, wailing guitars and Anthony Green’s
trademark vocals combine for what is my favourite Circa Survive tune
so far. While “The Greatest Lie” isn’t as upbeat as “Living
Together”, it’s still a powerful song in its own way. 



If I was to write about every
track individually we’d be here all day, but I want to make mention
of the title track “On Letting Go”. The chorus hook and the atmospheric
guitar work is one of the highlights of an amazingly consistent record.

I don’t care who releases a
record this year, because it’s going to be next to impossible top
Circa Survive’s latest effort. Put this album on through headphones
and enjoy the ride!


  1. Living Together
  2. In The Morning And
  3. The Greatest Lie
  4. The Difference Between
    Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose
  5. Mandala
  6. Travel Hymn
  7. Semi Constr

6 Responses to “Circa Survive – On Letting Go”

  1. ringlord

    I completely agree. I heard this before ‘Juturna’ and I definitely noticed how superior ‘On Letting Go’ is. The song writing is much better and the music is so diverse. Anthony Green is amazing, listeing to this album has made me a massive fan of The Sounds of Animal’s Fighting and Saosin’s earlier stuff (was already a fan of the Cove era) because it made me realise how talented this man is.

    My album of the year, gonna be hard to best.

  2. silv83

    yeh this record shows how fucking cool/special this band really is. one of a kind. or maybe thats just anthony green

  3. KYS-Cam

    i definitely think the other members don’t get the credit they deserve. As amazing as Anthony Green’s voice is the other dudes in the band create some fucking great music to back him up. Dudes in this band used to be in Taken and This Day Forward, so you know they’re coming from talented backgrounds

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