City And Colour – Live (CD/DVD)


Live (CD/DVD)


Dine Alone Records/Shock




For Fans Of

Jeff Buckley – Alexisonfire


It must be tough being this good…


95 / 100

Anyone who’s heard Alexisonfire
knows how amazing Dallas Green is. The guy can shred and his soaring
vocals have been able to elevate AOF above the rest of the quote/unquote
screamo pack.  

In 2005, Dallas thought he would
quietly release a solo record (titled Sometimes) under the name City
And Colour. The reception to the album was anything but quiet and “Sometimes”
went on to achieve platinum status in Canada – as well as earning
praise from critics and fans across the world. 

City And Colour’s most recent
release is a live CD/DVD package. Taken from sold out shows across Canada,
this package is further proof that Dallas Green is one of the most gifted
singer/songwriters of our time. 

To hear the material from “Sometimes”
replicated so well live is just astonishing. You’d be struggling to
find a wrong note in any of the 13 tracks on offer. As well as the City
And Colour songs contained on this release, there is an excellent rendition
of the Alexisonfire track “Happiness By The Kilowatt”, something
which every AOF fan needs to hear. The accompanying piano that is provided
by Dallas cousin on select tracks also adds to the overall feel of the

The DVD that comes with this package
is taken from the same live sets that the CD contains. Although he may
seem a little awkward as a soloist, Dallas’ on stage demeanor only
furthers my opinion of the guy as he seems genuinely humbled by the
response to his songs.


Some people might scoff at the
comparisons to the late Jeff Buckley, but the emotive nature of Dallas’
voice and his lyrical composition are deserving of this kind of praise. 

One of the best releases of the
year – of any genre!


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