Stealing O’Neal – Spin For Me (EP)


Spin For Me (EP)


Taper Jean Music/Modern Music/Red Label/Sony BMG




For Fans Of

The Audition – Copeland – June


Debut EP from young Melbourne quintet…


63 / 100

On paper, Stealing O’Neal is an extremely impressive band. In the 2 or so years they’ve been
together, SON have racked up more 200 shows – the majority
of which were without the aid of an official release. 

Having played with local heroes
Kiss Chasy and Angela’s Dish, as well as international acts such as
Limbeck (USA), The Audition (USA) and New Found Glory (USA), Stealing
have earnt themselves a musical resume that most bands
would kill for. 

So, after saying all that, is Stealing O’Neal’s debut EP any good? It’s far from being great,
but it’s definitely not bad. Taking into account how young the members
of SON are, “Spin For Me” is a valiant effort from
a group of kids who have the potential to develop into something far
more accomplished. 

Each of the five tracks on offer
seems to follow the same, strict pop-rock formula but in their defense
the hooks are something the listener can at least walk away singing
to themselves.  

While vocalist Chris Scott may
sound a little strained at times, I have no doubt that within a year
of touring, writing and recording, his abilities – along with the
rest of his band – will improve.


Although “Spin For Me
won’t set the world ablaze, it’s a solid debut nonetheless and I’m
interested to see what Stealing O’Neal can produce next time round.


1. Bedroom Eyes

2. Wait For Me, Tokyo

3. Water

4. Lullaby For The Loveless

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  1. lodo

    good cd, however “bella” is just a slowed down version of their song “saved by the bell” which is a bit of a let down that they did that, cause its not as good slow…

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