Arpejio – Arpejio (EP)



Arpejio (EP)





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Sometimes catchy songs just aren’t enough…


55 / 100
Regardless of what style of music you’re into, no matter what scene you align yourself with; there will ALWAYS come a time when enough is enough. Unfortunately for Melbourne band Arpejio, the emo/rock ship has well and truly sailed.

There’s nothing wrong with this CD. The songs are catchy, the vocalist has a good voice and everyone seems more than competent at their given instrument but (and there’s always a but) the simple fact remains, Arpejio sound the same as everyone else.

2 part harmonies? Check. Token screams? Check. 3 minute songs with a pop structure… you get the point.

There are some positives to be found on this self released EP though. The guitarists can definitely play, as each of the 5 tracks on display has some cool lead guitar work going on and Arpejio’s vocalist definitely knows how to write a vocal hook, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve heard it all before.

At the end of the day, Arpejio are a local band giving it a go, so my hat goes off to them but in a day and age where Victory Records have already released 47 albums that sound the same, you’re going to need more than safe, by the numbers song writing.


Arpejio are clearly capable of writing a catchy tune, but that’s simply
not enough these days. Bands need an X factor to stand out from the
thousands of groups who all sound the same. Unfortunately, Arpejio
don’t have it…


1. Two Steps Foward

2. Hard to Believe

3. Credits Rolling

4. Capture the Moment

5. The Money Run

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