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Seem like nice dudes, shit band


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I don’t like HawthorneHeights music at all. I find their songs to be bland and boring and the kids that I see wearing HH tee’s redefine the words generic and cliché. This Is Who We Are has not changed my opinion of the band’s music. It has however made me like them as people and respect their work ethic as a group of musicians who are doing their best to live out their dreams.

The DVD flows really well and alternates between interviews with the band/stories and live music. The live footage is predominantly taken from a show at the Egyptian Room in Indianapolis and I must admit, it’s impressive to see a sold out room of 1000 kids singing Hawthorne Heights lyrics so loudly that you can’t even hear the band.

One moment on the DVD that was particularly moving was a run down on what is referred to as “the Bayside incident”. For those that aren’t aware, Bayside are another Victory Records band whom Hawthorne Heights toured with in 2005. Unfortunately they had a van accident between Denver and Salt Lake City and their drummer John didn’t survive. To see members of HH (and Silverstein) telling kids to buy merch from any band on the tour and they would donate the money to John’s family is impressive and demonstrates the sense of community that develops when bands tour together.

HH vocalist JT also gets a commerative tattoo for John – something which his friends and family would appreciate I’m sure.

This Is Who We Are has one prevalent theme throughout it – and that is that HH are a genuinely nice bunch of guys. There aren’t any egos in this band. Just 5 friends who are lucky enough to be playing music that kids like and they are grateful for their opportunities.


As far as band DVD’s go, Hawthorne Heights aren’t reinventing the wheel with this release, however This Is Who We Are has helped me understand why the band is so popular. Sure they write catchy, simple songs which kids can get into but I think the band’s overwhelming commitment to their fans and their ability to stay so grounded given their success makes them a group of individuals that fans can genuinely relate to. And isn’t that what’s it’s supposed to be all about?


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