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The musicianship on this CD is mind blowing!


86 / 100

TTEOTD have been kicking round the underground metal scene for a few years releasing an EP (Scars Of Ages – 2004) and a split CD with Knife Trade in 2005. However it is with Bloodlust that the band has finally established themselves as a major force in heavy music.

Produced by Jamey King (the man responsible for Between The Buried And Me’s brutal sound) this album is simply punishing from start to finish.

Having drawn on older influences such as Morbid Angel, Carcass and Napalm Death and combining them with a modern metalcore twist, TTEOTD have created a sound which still has a sense of familiarity to it, but is one which is pushing the boundaries enough to still stay fresh and relevant.

The musicianship on this CD is mind blowing! The guitars shred from start to finish but don’t overdo it like so many other bands – The riffs and lead work actually allow the songs to breathe. The vocals are never mundane and alternate between low growls and some of the most intense shrieking I’ve heard in a while. Finally, the drumming on this CD made my jaw hit the floor. As previously mentioned, the beats remind me a lot of Morbid Angel and this guy’s kick work is ridiculous!


If you’re after a dose of something heavy ignore the new Atreyu CD and
buy some real metal – Through The Eyes Of The Dead are for you!


   1. “Intro” – 0:55
   2. “Two Inches from a Main Artery” – 5:27
   3. “When Everything Becomes Nothing” – 4:56
   4. “Bringer of Truth” – 3:53
   5. “Beneath Dying Skies” –

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