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Monuments EP






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In theory they’ve got all the right ingredients for success


60 / 100

Antiskeptic aren’t a band I’ve ever been overly impressed by. Sure, I can respect the fact that they were doing the quote unquote “emo” thing when most other bands were still rocking yellow t-shirts and Blink 182 riffs, but compared to a band like Gyroscope or After The Fall, Antiskeptic are always going to come up short.

In theory they’ve got all the right ingredients for success. Good riffs, songs with a straightforward structure that your average Joe listener can latch onto and a singer with a clear and concise voice, but something doesn’t sit right with me.

This EP contains 4 songs, all of which are definitely good, and carry the trademark Antiskeptic elements, but I can’t see any of the tracks competing with a band like Kiss Chasy for radio play.


It’s been said that your opinion of a vocalist will decide how much you
like a band and I tend to agree with that. There is something about
front man Andrew Kitchen’s voice that doesn’t give them the X factor
they need to make the songs as catchy as they need to be.

After saying all that, there’s probably 5000 kids out there who
disagree with me and think Antiskeptic are kings amongst men.
Unfortunately this reviewer isn’t one of them.


01.   Dancing On The Inside    
02.   Selling Your Time    
03.   Hello Halo    
04.   Hallelujah

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  1. supyo

    i dont mind skeppers. im a bit disappointed that in the last 4 years they’ve only released these 4 songs.. but they must have their reasons..

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