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Atreyu – Eighteen Visions – Avenged Sevenfold


Mourningtide are one of those bands that have tried incredibly hard to be a “package”


45 / 100

Let me make this very clear – I like Mourningtide! Every time I’ve seen them they’ve put on an impressive show and their EP is something I listen to on a regular basis. Having said that, Trash N Burn is a disappointment.

Mourningtide are one of those bands that have tried incredibly hard to be a “package” – meaning they look, act and sound the part. While this approach may work for some groups Mourningtide have come up short in all departments.

Yes, the CD rocks in some places and the lead guitar work is nothing short of amazing but there are too many aspects of the band which scream second rate at the listener.
Mourningtide are at their strongest when they are mixing up brutal vocals and 80’s metal but there are too many instances on this CD where poor attempts at singing ruin an otherwise decent song.

Almost every song on Trash N Burn has one or two great parts but the bulk of the material doesn’t seem to flow. Couple that with the almost childish lyrics and you’re left with an album that is riding on the back of 2 good songs.


As for the aesthetic aspect of the band their 80’s glam appearance just
comes off as contrived. A band like Avenged Sevenfold can afford to act
and look the way they do as they have the songs and the bank account to
back them up. Unfortunately Mourningtide’s take on glam rock comes
across as way too much of a gimmick.


    1.        Heat Seeker
    2.        Viper Town
    3.        Sink Ya Teeth In

8 Responses to “Mourning Tide – Trash N Burn”

  1. BRazenfist1



    pretty sure trash and burn is sick.

    Go get a life anyway you probably do this shit for a living.

    “childish Lyrics”

    pretty sure its hardcore

    You dont see 3 year olds nodding there heads to it you tool.

    Mourning tide arnt even the best band but you make them out to be shit.

    GO fuck your mum


    oh yeah triple agreed.

  2. wilmwah

    Ok Firstly Cam. I think you a very wrong by making the main focus of your review about your negative thoughts toward the album. You should be supporting Aus bands as that’s what I thought KYS was about. I respect your thoughts but like I said. Why take 5 paragraphs to convey them.

    This idea of the ‘package’ is what I believe makes Mourning Tide stand out of the going on 100’s of Aus. Metal bands that just aren’t anything new or copycats. To me Mourning Tide have a fine mix of 80’s rock and metalcore with a sleazy glam punch. Tyron’s dirty vocals are fucking excellent and set a contrast to his hardcore throat vocals which is another thing that sets them apart from monotone metalcore vocalists.

    The material DOES flow together very well actually. There are little instrumentals that connect the songs. The breakdowns fit in well to the songs unlike other bands where they come in unnecessarily. The lyrics to me just sound fun. Not “childish”. They express admiration, friendship, love and hate in a easy to understand way using metaphors that follow that 80’s rock theme with ‘crocodiles, shotguns, vipers, bombs’ all that shit.
    Don’t take music so seriously mate.
    In Conclusion, if Mourning Tide followed the sound of their EP. (Which I am a fan of) They wouldn’t have evolved and wouldn’t stand out as much as they do today. They took a big step and have left their own unique mark on the Aus. Music scene. If anything they should be more renowned then they are for it.
    Why do you have to have a large bank account like A7X to follow what Mourning Tide has created? Stop going on about fuckin U.S bands. Atreyu, A7X and 18 visions are ok but shouldn’t be as renowned as they are in our country.
    As I have mentioned more then once. Support the Aus. Music scene!
    Mourning Tide is a favourite of mine and I will support them as much as I can.


  3. xXxmillxXx

    lol at #5. just because they’re australian, doesn’t mean he has to give them a higher score. judge it for its music, which is what he seems to have done here.

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