Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster – Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster


Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster


Mono Vs Stereo



For Fans Of

Every Time I Die – Pantera – Down


This album has everything a rock fan could want.


85 / 100

If the me of today went back in time and told the younger (more naïve, uneducated and generally shit) me that I’d be listening to hill-billie, country twangin’ hardcore, I would’ve laughed so hard I’d need a change of underwear.

Luckily this is 2006 and my musical tastes have somewhat matured because Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster have released one of the most rocking, fun, and balls to the wall heavy slabs of southern rock I’ve heard in a long time.

If you could imagine a cross between Pantera, Lynnard Skynnard and Every Time I Die you’d be on the right road to the MATSOD sound. Yes, I’m aware that ETID have been churning out hardcore with traces of straight up southern rock for a few years now, and they are amazing at what they do (editors note: ETID are one of my favourite bands), but The Sons Of Disaster have genuine southern blood running through veins – and it shows (both in their music and aesthetically).

This album has everything a rock fan could want. You’ve got heavy, groove based riffs, catchy as hell lead breaks and a vocalist with a legit southern drawl. To top it off, the video for the single is set in a barn, complete with hay bales, a BBQ, plenty of beer and dirty dudes with dirty beards putting on a rollicking good show.

It’s worth mentioning that the band has recently signed with Ferret Records (home to Misery Signals, Zao and the aforementioned Every Time I Die) so we can expect another release within the next six months.


Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster has definitely provided me with the
soundtrack to summer – you should all come along for the ride.


   1. “Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead”
   2. “The Road Home To Panther Creek”
   3. “Bang, The Witch Is Dead”
   4. “Tough As John Jacobs”
   5. “Gusty Like The Wind”

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