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I was excited, nervous and incredibly sceptical when I purchased the new CD from metalcore stalwarts Norma Jean.

Sceptical? Norma Jean are another in a long line of bands who have a press release that goes a little something like this.. This CD is both the most heavy and melodic thing weve ever done. Normally when a band (or the bands label) comes up with something like that it means:

 The CD sounds exactly like the last one.
 The CD sucks and we know it.
 The CD is full of radio friendly songs and were scared our core fan base is going to lynch us.

Luckily for me (and Norma Jean as I may have been one of the lynch mob) Redeemer is a cracking CD. Yes, it is way more melodic than NJs previous outings however this is in no way a bad thing.

The songs are more fluent than the tracks that litter the bands previous efforts and actually have hooks! Yes, thats right, Norma Jean now have catchy songs and Im not talking clean, nasal vocals over a standard 4/4 drum beat and a 3 chord riff. Im talking the kind of gruff vocals and smooth riffs that label mates Underoath are able to pull off.


Redeemer is the highlight of the bands career thus far. NJ have been
able to combine their chaotic riffs, their off kilter drumming and
their penchant for writing discordant tunes that are still memorable
(as opposed to the cluttered mess that most tech metal bands try and
sell us these days) with their new found sense of melody.


   1. “A Grand Scene For A Color Film” – 3:24
   2. “Blueprints For Future Homes” – 2:49 *
   3. “A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest” – 4:59
   4. “A Temperamental Widower” – 2:46

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