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Do You Feel






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Get your dancing shoes on…


80 / 100
I know I’m late to the party
and this record was released in July of last year but fuck it, it deserves
a review! 

When I say “pop music”
what immediately springs to mind? Britney Spears maybe, or at the very
least, some other talent less hack who spends more time in the headlines
for their nightclub escapades than the quality of their music?  

Once upon a time pop
wasn’t such a dirty word, it simply described catchy songs that were
enjoyed by a large number of people. As the only full time member of TheRocket Summer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Bryce Avary knows how to pen a tune or two. Armed with a unique
voice and a penchant for writing one hell of a melody, this one man
band has released one of the best pop records of 2007. 

According to the band’s bio Bryce is one of those kids who developed into an accomplished musician
at an early age. After releasing a well received EP on indie powerhouse The Militia Group in 2003 and following it up with “Hello Good
Friend” (which made him a household name in Christian music circles)
“Do You Feel” is his first major label outing and one which is sure
to increase his profile worldwide.  

With its piano driven verses
and sing-a-long chorus “Break It Out” is the perfect way to kick
start the record. In fact, The Rocket Summer has squeezed more
hooks into one three minute song than most bands come up with over their
entire career. 

“So Much Love” is actually
the first song I heard from The Rocket Summer. My friend played
it to me with the promise that it reminded him of Huey Lewis And
The News
… and he’s not far off. Seriously, how many current
bands can you name who have a saxophone solo in of their songs?!  

The album’s title track places
more of an emphasis on the guitars than the previous two songs and in
doing so becomes one of Do You Feel’s standouts. “Save”
starts off as a quieter number but the piano quickly makes way for one
of the album’s biggest choruses and although “All I Have” follows
a fairly similar blueprint (as far as the dynamic of the song goes)
it’s still a great track.  

“High Life Scenery” shakes
things up a bit with its swinging drum beat and staccato style piano
but somehow works its way back to a mid paced chorus which is as catchy
as anything else the record. The most straight forward track on offer
would have to be “A Song Is Not A Business Plan” and apart from
the witty title the more rock driven guitars and vocal harmonies make
it the pick of the bunch.


As I mentioned, Do You Feel
does drag a little towards the end but it’s an otherwise enjoyable
record. Bryce Avary and The Rocket Summer know they’re
not changing the world but they’re doing their best to make sure we
all have a good time… and that’s enough for me.


  1. Break It Out
  2. So Much Love
  3. Do You Feel
  4. Save
  5. All I Have
  6. High Life Scenery
  7. A Song Is Not A
    Business Plan
  8. Taken Aback
  9. Colors

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