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90 / 100

There’s not much that can be said
about Lifetime that hasn’t been said before. Their melody friendly approach
to hardcore came at a time when negativity was all the rage and 
good song writing had taken a back seat to violence and apathy. After
releasing what is widely noted as being their best album (Jersey’s Best
Dancers), Lifetime decided to call it quits, but in 1996 the band re-grouped
for a few shows and fortunately for us they decided this reunion was
to be somewhat permanent. 

Although “Lifetime” was released
in March of this year, this review is to celebrate the fact that Melbourne
lads Boomtown Records have been able to secure a local deal for this
great record… and just in time for their tour! 

If you’ve never heard Lifetime
but you’re a fan of Taking Back Sunday and Saves The Day then you’re
going to be in for a shock. Why? Because as great as those bands are
it’s abundantly clear that their riffs have been handed picked from
New Jersey’s finest. This isn’t a diss on groups that are influenced
by those that have come before them (hell, even Black Sabbath were inspired
by someone) but I’m highlighting just how influential Lifetime have
been on an entire generation of punk and hardcore kids. 

“Northbound Breakdown” is
the perfect way to start a punk record. It’s fast, the riffs are catchy
and the chorus is as memorable as anything else I’ve heard in 2007 and
what’s most impressive is that after a decade Ari Katz voice still sounds
amazing. “Airport Monday Morning” is no frills punk at its finest
and once again proves that a band doesn’t need technical proficiency
to write a great song. Did I mention that the chorus is fucking gold!? 

I cannot wait to hear the intro
riff to “Haircuts And T-Shirts” live… simple as that! The bass
driven second verse combined with Dan Yemin’s trademark guitar work
makes this a standout track on a record which is practically flawless.
The mid paced “Can’t Think About It Now” is as solid as anything
in the band’s back catalogue and “Yeems Song For Nothing” does a
remarkable job of switching from a driving rock song to a thrashy punk
number and back again without sounding awkward or un-natural. 


Say what you want about Pete Wentz
and Fallout Boy, but the dude was kind enough to sign Lifetime and in
turn, give us another punk rock classic. Buy it, learn the words and
go sing-a-long when they hit your town in December!


  1. Northbound Breakdown
  2. Airport Monday Morning
  3. Just A Quiet Evening
  4. Haircuts And T-Shirts
  5. Can’t Think About It
  6. Spiders In A Garden
  7. Yeems Song For Nothing

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