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It doesn’t matter what I write about this record. Whether I praise it or tear it apart hundreds of thousands of kids are going to buy “On Fire”. Why? Because the 12 tracks that “The Higher” have written for their debut album are some of the most catchy, straight up pop songs that I have heard in a long time.

Opening track (and lead single) “Insurance” is guaranteed to have toes tapping within seconds. No shit, the song made me think of Barry Manilow performing at a matinee show in the cheesy function room of a Vegas casino – AMAZING!

“Rock My Body” has an almost Brit-pop feel to it. The vocals and drums make for a tidy dance-pop song… One which is sure to be a hit with fans.

The remainder of the record follows in similar fashion. Upbeat, danceable drums coupled with clean guitar lines and almost R n B styled melodies. Unfortunately “On Fire” also suffers due to the similarities between so many songs.

Any one of the 12 tracks could be mistaken for the next – and while the album boasts a consistency which is lacking on a lot of records these days, the songs seem to blend into one another after a while.


There is no doubt that “The Higher” will become a big band. They’ve got
the sound, the look and the right people backing them – Epitaph boss
Brett Gurewitz was even quoted saying that “The Higher” will become one
of, if not the biggest, bands in Epitaph history – give “On Fire” a
listen if you’re up for some easy on the ears fun.


01. Insurance?

02. Guts

03. Rock My Body

04. Weapons Wired

05. Histrionics

06. Movement

07. Can Anyone Really Love Young?

08. Darkpop

09. DARE

10. 31 Floors

11. Our Movie Rules


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  1. allshallperish

    i listened to that insurance song

    its pretty gay. But the itunes play count tells me ive listened to it 30 times


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