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Warm up your vocal chords, coz you're going to want to sing along


89 / 100

Classic Case comes from the thriving North Carolina scene – a scene which has spawned a massively diverse range of bands. Everyone from Between The Buried And Me to Hopesfall has risen from local obscurity to mass adoration from this American hotbed of hardcore/metal/rock… and “Classic Case” is no different.

Taking the unique vocal styling of bands such as GlassJAw and combining them with driving rock riffs and intricate drum patterns, “Classic Case” has made a record which has the potential to be huge. Their songs could appeal to your Joe average rock radio listener, but at the same time they have enough of an edge for the scene kids to nod in approval.

Please don’t be deterred by my “rock” description of CC. I’m not talking your run of the mill pop – rock that seems to be flooding the market at the moment. Classic Case seems to have an ambience about them that is reminiscent of Australian band “The Butterfly Effect”…albeit minus the nu-metal leanings.

The twin vocals of Jared Draughon and Josh Moore combine to pull off epic choruses that are downright haunting in parts. Josh used to front one of North Carolina’s finest acts “Beloved” and his vocals parts certainly recall some his previous band’s more melodic moments.

After doing some research on CC, the band’s story makes the record even more impressive. Having toured completely independently for 2 years and then having a label fold only weeks prior to releasing their record, the band has demonstrated a persistence that is missing from so many of their peers these days. A lesser group would’ve given up but “Classic Case” clearly believes in the music they are writing.

From start to finish “Losing At Life” is a great rock record with all the right ingredients. Upbeat songs which you want to sing a long to as well as a couple of slower numbers which adds to the overall feel of the record (as opposed to so many other bands who include a token ballad which is simply shit).


If this record is any indication, “Classic Case” has the potential to become one of the heavy hitters in rock.


1. Into A Nightmare

2. Unsteady

3. Scott Free

4. Losing At Life

5. Devil’s Advocate

6. Fatal Phrase

7. Living A Dream

8. Stalemate (Falling In Love)

9. Vampires

10. Elevator Phobia


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