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Ghost EP


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Excellent follow up record from Adelaide rock kids


85 / 100

In Fiction have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. After building a rabid fan base in their home town of Adelaide, the band took to the road, notching up supports with everyone from Anberlin and Kiss Chasy to I Killed The Prom Queen and Carpathian.

Their debut EP “The Four Letter Failure” showcased a band with a knack for writing a catchy pop-punk tune. It was a solid record, albeit one which appealed to an underage demographic. With the release of “Ghost”, In Fiction has proven that they are a bonafide rock band, one who deserves attention from music fans from all demographics.

Off the bat, “Ghost” has a much more matured sound. The guitars sound more organic than previous In Fiction recordings and to say that vocalist Brad has stepped everything up a notch would be an understatement. While I’ve always enjoyed his voice, there was a nasal tone prevalent

Opening track (and lead single) “When The Camera’s Off” has a groove that will have any listener nodding their head in approval within seconds. The quality of the recording should be mentioned as well, with each instrument being given the chance to breathe and stand out from one another. The chorus hook in particular is one which I’ll struggle to get out of my head for a very long time.

All 5 tracks on “Ghost” are as catchy as each other – any song off this record could be used as a single and achieve the same result, such is the strength of the material. After saying that however,  “If You’re Up Late” would definitely do well on radio!


A must have for anyone’s music collection!


   1.  When The Camera’s Off

   2. Ghost

   3. If You’re Up Late

   4. Silhouette

   5. Awake Without You

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