The Abandonment – Deja Disparu


Deja Disparu


Sightline/Shock Records



For Fans Of

The Red Chord - Beneath The Massacre - The Rivalry


The skinniest shredder's in Melbourne show everyone how it's done


93 / 100

Before anyone says “this EP has been out for 6 months”… I KNOW! But at KYS we want to increase how many reviews and how much site content is directed towards Australian bands – and in line with that, we figured The Abandonment were certainly worthy of a review!

Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, “Deja Disparu” is some of the most abrasive and unrelenting music that has come out of Melbourne in a long time. While the influence of US grindcore bands such as The Red Chord is prevalent, The Abandonment has written an EP which showcases their ability to take their influences and regurgitate them in a way which is somewhat unique.

Fusing punk, thrash, grind and some of the most bullshit guitar solos I’ve heard from a local band in a long time, Deja Disparu is more than just a mish mash of riffs. All 6 tracks on the EP are memorable and stick with you long after you’ve turned the record off.

Unlike many bands of this ilk, The Abandonment are smart enough to know when enough is enough. Only one song clocks in at over the 3 minute mark – a smart move considering how in your face these tracks are.


I’ll make it simple. This EP is only $12 – so avoid the next hit or
miss “I love breakdowns” CD you were thinking of buying, pick up “Deja
Disparu” and get yourself to an Abandonment show. You won’t be


1. Famous Last Words

2. War whore

3. Mr Doubtfire

4. Valediction Vespa

5. Complexity vs complexion

6. Johnny Deform

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