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Between The Buried And Me – Avenged Sevenfold - Dragonforce


Tech metal kids with a soft spot for power metal


92 / 100

The best part about reviewing CD’s is when you get blown away by a band you might not have otherwise taken the time to listen to. The Human Abstract is one such band.


Wearing their influences proudly on their collective sleeves, The Human Abstract have created a record which is brutal, technical but somehow melodic all at the same time – something a lot of bands attempt but very rarely pull off.


The album opens with an acoustic intro – somewhat of a throwback to 80’s metal classics – before hitting you with a barrage of sweeping guitar solos, intricate drums and general disregard for conventional song structures.


One thing that a lot of quote/unquote “tech-metal” outfits seem to forget is that being in a band is about writing songs – songs that people can remember and sing along to more than 3 minutes after seeing a band. The Human Abstract are obviously well aware of this because Nocturne has a continuity that too many groups are sadly lacking these days.


Even with their chaotic style of song writing, the tracks still flow throughout the entire record. The inclusion of acoustic style interludes doesn’t detract from the impact of Nocturne, if anything, it builds the anticipation for the onslaught of shredding that you know is on the way.


I mentioned that these guys seem to have a soft spot for power metal – one listen to vocalist Nathan Ells and you’ll know exactly what I mean. While he can pull off a range of shrieks and throaty screams as well as (if not better) than any other singer doing the rounds, it’s his clean voice which stands out. His melodies have such a classic feel to them that you can’t help throwing the horns and singing along.


Hopeless Records roster is predominantly rounded out by punk, hardcore
and emo bands so I was more than a little surprised when I chucked THA
in my stereo. I guess the label is looking to expand its sound a bit
and they’ve definitely made a great first step by taking on The Human
Abstract. Nocturne will no doubt be in my Top 10 metal records of 2007.


    1.      Harbinger

    2.      Self Portraits Of The Instincts

    3.      Nocturne

    4.      Crossing T

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  1. jarule

    I don’t think this cd deserves a 92. I gave it a decent listen and yes the guitar work is amazing but the singer struggles a bit. Too much like Between The Buried And Me and his high vocals aren’t very strong.

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