Something With Numbers – Perfect Distraction


Perfect Distraction


Below Par Records/Virgin




For Fans Of

Panic! At The Disco – Grinspoon – The Matches


Surprisingly rock album from the Central Coast pop-punk kids


81 / 100

Something With Numbers have certainly come a long way. Starting life as a good but by no means original pop punk band, the group has gone through a series of stylistic changes and have gradually evolved into what we see today – an Aussie rock band who have an understanding of melody and the skills to create a dance-able tune.


First single “Apple Of The Eye” is an upbeat affair. The song utilizes an almost dance beat which draws the listener in. Although it’s an impressive track, “Apple Of The Eye” is almost misleading in a way. You see, as it was the first song I’d heard from this record I assumed the entire album was cashing in on the popularity of bands like Panic! At The Disco and The Killers but after listening to “Perfect Distraction” from start to finish I see the song for what it truly is – a stand out number which has been cleverly used to get SWN other more “rock” tracks the attention they clearly deserve.


The remainder of Perfect Distraction sounds nothing like Apple Of The Eye. Instead, what you have is a record which demonstrates a band that have a firm grasp on writing a varied bunch of solid rock songs. There’s upbeat numbers such as “Spent” and “Chase The Chaser” as well as almost ballad-esque moments like Goodbye Mickey Finn.


Vocalist Jake Grigg puts in a stellar performance. His voice reminds me of Phil Jamieson (from Aussie heavyweights Grinspoon) while still retaining an original feel to the melodies and phrasing.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this record. I’d never
been a fan of previous SWN records and I didn’t think “Perfect
Distraction” was going to change my opinion. But I love being proven
wrong, especially by Australian band’s putting out records as strong as


1. Spent

2. Apple Of The Eye (Lay Me Down)

3. Chase Of The Chaser

4. Zombie

5. Bang, Bang, Bang

6. Goodbye Mickey Finn

7. Calf Love

8. What Is This?

9. Double Dyed

10. Bring Me Down Water

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