Escape The Fate – Dying Is Your Latest Fashion


Dying Is Your Latest Fashion


Epitaph Records




For Fans Of

First To Last – The Used – Silverstein


latest release from Victory Records every expanding screamo-lite roster


50 / 100

Argh, another one! Another band that has crossed all their T’s and dotted all their I’s. They’ve stolen their sister’s pants, they’ve spent $750 on their hair cuts and their debut full length has both a slightly dirtied female adorning the cover AS WELL AS a cliché reference to death in its title.

So why aren’t Escape The Fate a good band??? Because they sound exactly like 47 other bands you could name.

Their vocalist Ronnie Radke makes a valiant attempt at impersonating From First To Last front man Sonny Moore’s Mars Volta-esque croon, but even his vocal prowess can’t take ETP to the next level.

The band’s biggest problem is their unwillingness to push their own musical boundaries. On track “The Guillotine”, ETP’s guitar players demonstrate that they can play! The song has some excellent riffs and lead work that you’d expect to find on a Euro metal CD. But alas, the metallic glory is short lived and the band reverts to its safe and conventional pop-punk meets screamo sound on the following track.


If Escape The Fate stops caring about what everyone else is doing in
the world of rock then they may have a bright future ahead of them.
Until that time, they are only ever going to sound as good as the
latest release from Victory Records every expanding screamo-lite roster.


   1. “The Webs We Weave”

   2. “When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out on a Chariot of Fire”

   3. “Situations”

   4. “The Guillotine”

   5. “Reverse This Curse”


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