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Trespasser Release Crushing New EP, 'Suffer Alone, Suffer Together’

16 November 2017 | 5:38 pm | Alex Sievers

The new Trespasser EP is a hardcore must.

The new Trespasser EP is a hardcore must. 

Here's something mightily heavy for your Thursday arvo - the debut EP from Tassie's Trespasser, 'Suffer Alone, Suffer Together’.

'Suffer Alone, Suffer Together’ is awash with doomy moods, dark timbres, bleak lyrical undertones, thick walls of bass, plenty of HM-2 loving distortion, sludgy tempos, and creepy melodic lines. All with an utterly heavy post-metal/metallic hardcore sound overall that sees Trespasser taking solid cues from the likes of HopelessTrap ThemOld Man Gloom, and Cult Leader.

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It's a release that reaches into the very depths of hell and despair with opener 'Unravelled' and then stays there for the remaining four tracks, yet in such a comfortable, fitting manner. It's also an EP that - through its harsh guitars, dissonant tones, imposing vocals and brooding sonics - captures the dire feeling of emotional and societal isolation of living out in the cold and dark, yet wild and beautiful areas of Tasmania. Something that can really be seen and felt in their visuals to the brutal expose of 'Withered Hands' (which you can watch below).

Recorded and mixed by Mike Deslandes at The Black Lodge in Melbourne, who many will know for his work with High TensionThe Nation Blue and Pagan, this new five-track EP also features guest spots from members of Speech Patterns and No Haven. But perhaps the most notable one features additional vocals from Départe's mighty leader, Sam Dishington on the aforementioned beast 'Withered Hands' - the dude's got a massive voice on him.

This release is the Tasmanian group's first real first musical statement as a collective - well, minus their 2013 demo at least - and it's a fucking powerful one at that!

Get around 'Suffer Alone, Suffer Together’. It's just really good.