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Touché Amoré With Clean Vocals? Cool.

21 June 2016 | 3:57 pm | Alex Sievers

Going the way of bands like Whitechapel, Touché Amoré have now included clean vocals into their sound with their new song, 'Palm Dreams'.

Going the way of bands like WhitechapelTouché Amoré have now included clean vocals into their sound with their new song, 'Palm Dreams'.

So, after we spoke about the band teasing new material last week, the group have followed that up with this brand new song. You can stream the two and a half minute jam that is 'Palm Dreams' just below.

So yes, the elephant in the room is the clean vocals and just like Whitechapel, the number of fans out there defending it, being confused by it and sharing just out-right anger is so amusing to watch from my perspective. Becuase I enjoy their music either way - clean vocals or not.

Have a look at the comments below if you wanna see pointless arguing.

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The new album's title, 'Stage Four', apparently carries a double meaning. On one hand it is about the post-hardcore band's fourth album and on the other hand, it's about an emotional autobiography that attempts to make sense of a lifetime with his mother. So, as in the fourth stage of grief; depression?

If that's the case, that definitely fits the melancholic sound and vibe of the band to the fucking T

Speaking to NPR, who also premiered the new song, singer Jeremy Bolm said the following about the song:

"'Palm Dreams' was written around the realization that I never had a full understanding why my mother moved from Nebraska to California in the '70s. I assume that because she was from a small town, her eyes were wide with the concept of Hollywood. I'm sure someone else in my family could tell me, but it wouldn't be her answer. If this song inspires anyone to ask the questions they've never asked their loved ones, I'd call it a success."

Check out the new album's track listing below. 'Stage Four' comes out September 16th on Epitaph.

1. Flowers and You

2. New Halloween

3. Rapture

4. Displacement

5. Benediction

6. Eight Seconds

7. Palm Dreams

8. Softer Spoken

9. Posing Holy

10. Water Damage

11. Skyscraper (featuring Julien Baker)

Oh, and if you're wondering who Julien Baker is, that's the singer from Forrister. Don't know who that is? Go here and here, you uncultured swine.