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Touché Amoré Release New Song, 'Skyscraper'

19 August 2016 | 7:58 pm | Alex Sievers

Make sure you get on the new Touché Amoré to help brighten up your day.

So Touché Amoré released the closing track, 'Skyscraper' off their upcoming album this week, and as per usual for the band, it's of a pretty high quality.

Singer Jeremy Bolm sings a whole lot on this new track, which is just the usual Touché Amoré sound, as opposed to his usual throaty howls and screams. Well, excluding the final minute of the song where we get those sweet, sweet screams back. Apart from a new vocal delivery, the song also features US singer Julien Baker providing some real nice harmonies to help create a very haunting duet with Bolm.

'Stage Four', as in the band's fourth album and the fourth stage of grief & loss - depression - will be making you feel a whole host of melancholic feelings come September 16th. (Pre-orders are on sale now through Deathwish). The track originally premiered over at Spin on Tuesday, which also went up with a pretty solid interview with Bolm, and you can stream it in full below.

Also, make sure you check out 'Just Exist' and 'Palm Reader' respectively; they're both pretty solid.

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