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Toni And The Stonehearts Give Us 5 reasons Not To Turn Back 

18 December 2017 | 10:56 pm | Staff Writer

"Scary is better than stale!"

Toni and the Stonehearts are finally here after a devastating false start. See, five years ago, their record was written, the release date was set in stone and everything was coming up along smoothly for the budding young artist. Heartbreakingly, Toni Bird’s co-writer and mentor sadly and suddenly passed away before the record was able to see the light of day. This deep emotional blow took Bird away from music and out on a soul-searching journey. “My world crumbled and I just couldn’t bring myself to keep making music without him”, the artist said in a recent statement about suffering such a loss. However, it took a warm invite to hit the road for touring with blues/rock band Nat Col & the Kings as well as a chance encounter with frontwoman Dallas Frasca to help bring Bird back into music. So yes, this rocker knows a few things about not giving up when the universe deals you out a horrible hand, and it's this advice of pushing forward when you're down that Toni gives to us:

  1. 1. "You don’t want to die wondering. You never know when your time is up, I don’t want to waste days going over old ground and ending up regretting that I didn’t follow my heart."


  1. 2. "You never know what’s around the corner - as much as you think you know what’s going to happen sometimes life surprises you with unexpected and beautiful outcomes."

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  1. 3. "The world is already full of people who are too afraid to take the leap - be different, be bold, be curious. Scary is better than stale!


  1. 4. "The past is in the past...anything you’ve left behind is probably not worth going back to and be left behind for a reason."


  1. 5. "Sometimes it’s fun to say - fuck it! Even when you know something might not make sense or be a “good idea” beautiful, fabulous, fun moments and friends can come out of mistakes and seeking out the thrill of the ride."

Recorded at Def Wolf Studios (where other Aussie legends DMA’s, Hockey Dad and Deep Sea Arcade have recorded), the Sydney-based studio was the perfect home for Bird’s return. Check out 'No Turning Back' below: 

Toni Bird and the Stonehearts will be touring ‘No Turning Back’ in 2018:

Sunday 4th February - Lass O’Gowrie Newcastle

Friday 9th February - Whole Lotta Love Bar Melbourne

Saturday 3rd March - Frankie’s Pizza Sydney