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Tired Lion Welcome New Cub

5 November 2022 | 8:48 am | Mary Varvaris

Congratulations to Sophie Hopes!

(Pic by Haidee Lorenz)

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Tired Lion's Sophie Hopes and fiance Luke Boerdam of Violent Soho have welcomed a baby into the world.

Ivey Valentine Boerdam was born on 29 October; the smitten parents shared the news on social media yesterday.

"Never been so in love in my life. 

Pretty excited to be part of the mum rock/ mum-core genre tbh," Hopes shared on the band's social media accounts.

Tired Lion shared their second album, Breakfast For Pathetics, in 2020, which followed the band's 2017 ripper debut record, Dumb Days.

Breakfast For Pathetics was our Album Of The Week upon release and marked the first Tired Lion album with Hopes as the sole member.

"It's an album of hard hitters, from the opening track Diet Sick through to the soft close out with Screw You, Man

"It's no surprise just how good this album is though, with early singles Waterbed, Lie To Me, and Cya Later proving to be fast fan favourites," we wrote.

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"'This song was my attempt to desperately try and find my way out of a bout of depression where I had completely hidden myself from the world," said Hopes of the latter. 

"'I guess I needed a way to set myself free and find a way to be okay. I moved to Brisbane and was missing my family a lot. When I was writing this song, I wanted to use a happy memory that would have the power to take me back to that place.'" 

Our album review cited that previous music from the group, with its "broody, epic, grunge feel and feisty guitar shredding that saw the band take off, is very much the album's lifeblood. Hopes can clearly nail it all on her own, so that is exactly what she's done. 

"There's always been a semi-nostalgic feel with Tired Lion, but Breakfast For Pathetics is particularly reminiscent of a soundtrack to a timeless '90s film - think Ten Things I Hate About You or Clueless. There is a vivacious attitude throughout the record that is utterly contagious. It's a high-energy rock album that will have you wanting to scream and shout, with the exception of Screw You, Man, the slow burner closer, which is a surprising highlight."

Congratulations to Sophie and Luke!